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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by navy_newbie, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello people

    Most people using this site are more then fit enough to get into the Navy

    But for those of us who want to join the Navy and are need of getting alot fitter or starting to maybe run for the first time ever here is a basic programme to help you out. Training Schedule

    Scroll down until you find the Beginners Training Schedule

    - Be strict with your runs and keep to the times
    - Allow for rest days when starting out running because this helps your body to recover and adapt
  2. Three days ago you were asking for the most basic advice and now you're qualified to dish it out? Clearly a fast learner.
  3. no, I did no say that I am just sharing a site that I found useful for training with other Rum Ration users....

    Isn't that the whole point of this site to help one another

    Not to reply to peoples post with non-constructive comments
  4. I think you've mistaken RR for some kind of newbie-help-cuddle-fest, this is not the case.

    RR is a community site for those who are in, or have been in the RN/RM, not some helpdesk for your fitness insecurities. If you can't take a bit of mocking then you should probably go back to your job frying burgers at McDonalds, the military is a scary place full of nasty men who will make mean jokes at your expense.
  5. if that's the case why is the section called the newbie section ?

    And why is there several posts from people asking the most basic questions about the navy and its requirements, dose not seem like they have been in before ?

    and I'm not trying to cuddle I am trying to help people with there fitness by showing good programmes
  6. You couldn't help a dysentery sufferer take a dump, you spaff-stinking refugee.
  7. Just do a forest gump and RUN.
  8. haha good one :)
  9. Have you done your PJFT yet?
  10. not yet I am training to pass it at the moment
  11. Any idea how long you have before you have to take it?
  12. No, I don't yet just trying to improve on fitness
  13. Well, mine's tomorrow. Been in the gym or for a run every day for the last month. And today, I found it the hardest I ever have. Awesome.
  14. cool, How far do you run each day ?
    and I hope you pass mate
  15. Mate just grab your balls and run, the faster you go the faster you finish.
  16. I always run at least the 1.5 miles every day, usually 2 though. I'm hoping that it'll be fine tomorrow, but it's been good to get my general fitness up a bit too.
  17. When i went for my pjft i didn't do 1 days worth of running and i went in there and smashed it, theres no need to worry about it, if your thinking of joining the royal navy you must have a certain level of fitness anyway.
  18. I disagree with the above. Well, for me anyway. I certainly needed to put in some hours before I felt ready to take it. Each to their own though, I guess.
  19. I recently passed my PJFT which for me was a massive feat. I went from not being able to run for the bus or lift a bag of shopping to being comfortably able to pass all aspects of the fitness level required. All I did was went to the gym and ran/ rowed/ swam/ weight lifted until I could do it. Everyone has their own way of doing it but I just set my target and went for it, if I didn't make it one day I stopped, brushed myself off and tried again the next day and this worked for me. If I was really struggling I found it helped to take 2-3 days rest, your body adapts and rebuilds and you will find when you go back you are a lot fitter/ stronger then when you stopped.

    I know that is all basic but I hope it helps.
  20. yeah I do so many minutes each run, (I run every other day to get a rest in between) Each run I do I try to add more minutes on.

    Running is the most important thing to focus on:) Is this right?

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