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Discussion in 'RMR' started by rodgerramjetr, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. having no experience of the marines of ne kind i'm a little bit daunted but really keen on finding out if I have what it takes 2 b a reservist!

    what level of fitness should I b aiming 4? how many press ups, sit ups,pull ups will b required for ex.

    I have always been obsessed with fitness and i'm currently running 40 miles a wk in training 4 a race. never foung ne type of body strength or weight training excercise a problem and always ready 2 push through the pain barrier but am expecting rmr commandos 2b another level. would b really keen and proud if I were good enough 2 serve with regs,

    think I should just go along (think cambridge is closest 2 me) fit and ready 2 push myself till i'm sick and then some! which sounds great 2 me just a little daunting with no ex.
  2. Welcome aboard Rodger. Everyone has to start somewhere mate, it sounds as though you're as fit as a butcher's dog so the next step, as you say, is to attend a Drill Night at your nearest RMR Detachment, let the fun commence!
    You'll probably get some more up to date advice from current RMR bods or more BS from the likes of Blobby and me, good luck.
  3. Should be working but here goes...

    What sort of weight/height ratio should I be at? Atm I am 6"2 and nearly around 11 and half stone. I'm a little concerned that I might be a little bit underweight for all the training that's coming, does diet and weight really matter for the training or is it does being a skinny bastard help? Any advice welcome!
  4. Vox. And the dozen other people who post on here voiceing concerns about fitness, height, build etc. My advice to you all is not to worry one iota about it all at the moment as it is the very early stages in your career within the RMR. I joined weighing 10 stone something and a height of 5'11" so what does that tell you about whether you should be worrying about it. Marines in general come in all shapes and sizes from my oppo "long hag" who was 6'4" and 16 stone to myself who was erring on the skinny side. The fact is it doesn't matter as passing this course and associated courses are mostly in the mind and not what build you are.

    As i said, dont worry about it, get yourself down your local unit if you really want to join and speak to the training team and join the most professional reserve unit outside of S.F (and that's debatable) failing that join the Paras :thumright: :thumright:

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