Baseball caps in the Royal Navy?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Vesper, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. I've just viewed the HMS Daring video on the official RN website and spied quite a few chaps wearing what appeared to be baseball caps, I'm certain the CO even had one in white! All he requires now are some Reebock Classics :pukel:

    Are we to follow the Oz and USN in this disgraceful fashion trend? What ever happened to the regular RN cap? RN Officers wearing baseball caps! Is nothing sacred? :threaten:

    link below:

  2. Baseball caps have been around for years mate. They are usually confined until in hotter climates but it depends on the person in charge I suppose.
  3. Frightfully colonial though isn't it? It just somehow doesn't look quite right on an RN captain. Sorry Lamri, but I'm with Vesper on this one
  4. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't agree with them personally, just telling it the was it is :)
  5. The day I wear a baseball cap is the day I start playing baseball.

    Bringing them in for the RN is a wanky Americanism. Just say no - refusal worked with the blue Norgy tops.

  6. Thank God for that, had me worried there for a moment! Defiintely agree with purple, just say no! Or at least I will when I join...
  7. OOoooh! Let's start wearing them back to front, and our trousers half way down our arses'.
    That'll show that we're really trendy and modern won't it!
  8. Good grief!

    No Flip Flops?

    No Sarongs?

    No Wanchai Burburies?


    What ever happened to the Dress Of The Day?

  9. Myself having no thatch, they are essential in wintertime to keep the heat in. :thumright:
  10. Can't see a problem myself. However they should be worn in a seaman like manner and the following rules observed.

    Occifers............cap badges sewn on by a steward who has been suitably rewarded.

    Senior Rates.......cap badges sewn on by the sailmaker or SE rating if FAA. Also to be suitably rewarded.

    Junior Rates....................Ships cap tally tied on with a tiddly bow above left ear hole. :w00t:
  11. Been wearing ball caps for years. They are comfortable, manage to act as a decent sun screen for your eyes and are very much in demand for trades/swoppsies.

    We are not allowed to wear them off ship if in NCD rig. We can however, wear one if we are in civvies (although the ones sold in the Canex are just slightly different than the ones issued). I don't particulary like them in equatorial climates, as they offer no protection to the ears and neck regions from the sun, I prefer to wear my Tilly.

    We have no badges "sewn" onto ours, we do have our ship's name and number on it that has been embroidered.
  12. The blue norgy tops were great, never heard anyone say no to em just looked like a sack o'sh*te hence their removal.
  13. :eek:mg:

    It's hardly very genteel or traditional to be wearing those things, I can understand that they might be more suitable for tropical climes, but what's wrong with the original caps? Which, imho, are far smarter. My pyjamas are comfy but I wouldn't be caught wearing them on a bridge!

    This is almost as bad as when I overheard a WREN officer getting her recruits to say HOOAH. :angry7:

    The RN is one of the greatest military institutions in the modern Western world, we should embrace our own traditions & throw these distasteful, foreign, fashions overboard imho.

    The rest of the world should be following our uniform alterations, not vice versa.


  14. I agree.
  15. ?

    Under what circumstances did she do that?
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Great bit of kit when sunny, keeps your eyes shielded.

    Wearing caps fine but not great for shielding eyes. That and they cost a fair amount when you trash them.

    I like them and they have their place. Of course I am sure you would all wish us to return to straw boaters like the old days but hay things move on.

    But then I suspect this will become another "In my day" threads.
  17. We had them on the sheff back in 96, but only allowed to wear them when deployed in sunnier climes. Having a free pussers beret, didnt see the point in forking the sponds for one though. Not fussed either way, but being worn by a untried and untested Ship's company, in home waters on a very high profile ship that isnt even a part of the RN yet, is a bit unprofessional.
  18. I believe she was experimenting with some sort of bizarre, sceptic, motivation technique. HMS Raleigh, circa 2002.

  19. What an odd woman.

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