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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by willsonline, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Small article on page 3 from last night (22/09):

    Royal Navy security staff hav been told to be more vigilant after reporters from a national newspaper sneaked on to Portsmouth Naval Base.

    The journalists reportedly used driving licences and out-of-date naval passes to get in, and claimed to have got on board warships. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: 'The navy treats any breach of security very seriously. These claims will be investigated. Staff have been reminded to maintain a high degree of vigalence.'

    do we know which National this was? and doesn't this make the security there laughable? where were the MDP (no jokes pls) and i thought the waterside was fenced off now?
  2. I imagine it was The Sun as they have pulled this stunt before in Guzz about 3 years ago.

    Personally I would find it hilarious if they shot them as suspected terrorists. :)
  3. It would certainly make some extra cash for the likes of those legal patriots Shiner and Chuckabutty!
  4. i doubt it was the sun, they like us now
  5. Offending journos should be arrested, have a bread stick planted on their persons, then be charged with stealing Pusser's victuals and hung as the law, prior to Blair abolishing it, once required! :twisted:
  6. My Son was on about this at the weekend and apparently the blokes went onboard saying that one of them served on this type of ship a few years ago and was it Ok to take a couple of mates round with him,the QM checked it out with the duty PO who gave them the go ahead to look round the ship etc.

    One Duty PO now in DEEP SHIT !!!!
  7. Now thats one big FAUX PAS!

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