Basal Metabolic Rate

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by The_Wonderer, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. (In an attempt to combat the lack of threads for the Health & Fitness forum, hear is how to calculate your BMR)

    The minimum amount of calories you should be consuming every day

    Male BMR

    66 + (13.8 x bodyweight/kg) + (5 x height/cm) - (6.8 x age) = required KCAL

    Female BMR

    655 + (9.6 x bodyweight/kg) + (1.85 x height/cm) - (4.68 x age) = required KCAL
  2. Kinell you joining as an ossifer or did you just copy that out of Ross and Wilson??
  3. Glad you said minimum ! I do that in one meal
  4. For those who are interested, this may be a slightly easier calculation:-

    For every Kg of body weight 1.3 kcal is required every hour. (An athlete weighing 50Kg would require 1.3 X 24hrs X 50Kg = 1560 kcal/day)

    For each hours training you require 8.5 kcal for each Kg of body weight. (For a two hour training session our 50Kg athlete would require 8.5 X 2hrs X 50Kg = 850 kcal)

    An athlete weighing 50Kg who trains for two hours would require an intake of approx. 2410 kcal (1560 + 850)
  5. Nice one chris; I like this method too, but it depends on how exact / pedantic you want to be...

    age, gender, and height are also contributing factors.

    good effort that man

  6. Thank feck I'm 120K
  7. F A O Chrissz

    I'm sure if you use my method to calculate your self however, it will probably amount to a fair bit less.

    (note that this does not accomodate for everyday daily activity / exercise)
  8. Indeed! Like I said though - it tends to be a bit easier for some people to use - I use this method for my lower grade students but have used your method for the higher level students :)

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