Bars we have visited over the years

Discussion in 'History' started by kipper4224, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Anyone remember Sugar's in Gib ? That song was on the jukebox all the time !

    The China Fleet Club in Hong Kong ? Fought the Yanks there in 68 !
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I recall being bitterly disappointed with the CFC in Honky Fid, in fact I was slightly underwhelmed with the whole place when compared to the rest of the far east. I think maybe coming from an army family; pongos used to big the place up so much.
    For me the best pub in the world is Flanagans on Mathew Street in Liverpool, got so many dits from that place.
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  3. *Pure Platinum* Fort Lauderdale, USA. As finer collection of minge as one could ever dream of.
    Spent a Kings ransom...but mostly subsistence thank Christ. If ever you're down that way, drop
    in and check out the flange. (Take lots and lots of dollars though....)

  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The women from the battered wives shelter used to drink in "Flares" about 30 meters up the road from flanagans...... Who ever battered into them the art of sucking cock deserves a medal :)
  5. The Neptune bar Faslane had a young lady serving what passed for beer, she could just see over the counter, had a face like a badly made bed and a “don’t fcuk with me attitude” a young lad asked her for a toasty and says I’ll be over there (pointing to his table)when its ready, she grabs him by the shirt collar(both hands) pulls him across the bar until they were nose to nose and says, in a low scots growl you’ll come and fcuking get it like the rest of the *******, whats a good bar without caring attentive staff
  7. The CFC in Honky Finn was a great place, spent many a week-end there, breakasting on freshly squeezed orange juice and listening to the bells ringing over the harbour. Days of the HK $ being 1/3, half the Singers $ 2/6 or half a crown.
  8. I remember a classic spoof shooting in the CFC which saw septics diving for their lives as brave British sailors "died" at the hands of depraved "Chinese" gunmen.
  9. The problem with most bars I frequented as a jack, is I have a great amount of difficulty remembering where the hell I had been, Holliday Inn New Orleans Rain Forrest bar was good during the Mardis Gras, it was a cocktail bar $5 all you could drink for 2 hours, a yank we had become friendly told us to tip the bar maids, so high rollers on LOA all gave her a $1, she made sure our classes were never empty, the rest of the lads just could not work out why we were favoured so much, and we never let on.
  10. [​IMG] the **** could you forget this one?
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  11. You'd never lived if you hadn't been chucked down the stairs in Jo's after climbing the tree, it was a rite of passage.
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Haha, yes, I've been thrown down those *******, not for climbing the tree though. Always made me laugh on reflection the way you stood up and tried to dust yourself down and look as though nothing had happened in front of the ever present Provost van outside the place.
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  13. Yes best not talk about that too much in order to protect the guilty.
  14. All I remember of that place was, it was a shite hole, never a Pompey rating so only made it a few times.

    How about the Harbor Lights in Weymouth, end of every run when on work up, I remember the netting between the upper balcony and dance floor, stopped the bottles and glasses but not the ale. The amazing thing about that was start at the Black dog end up in HL but could never find the place sober, not until drafted to Portland in the 1990’s.
  15. There was a drinking den in Guzz called the Safari Club, I never knew where it was as it was always a taxi from the Fleet Club 4 o'clock club straight to the door, especially on a Sunday (assuming I'd bypassed the Chapel and the Sunday Strippers). I was walking round the Barbican one sunny day with my new wife when I saw it and said "so that's where it is", she couldn't understand how I could go drinking in a club but had never known where it was!! If only she'd known that this was a common occurance with me.
  16. Can't remember "Sugars" in Gib ... but The Hole in the Wall, Mad Monk, Brittania Bar & Edinburgh Arms were all good watering holes.

    Button Bar in Fort Lauderdale and the Sports Bar next door has certain happy memories!

    Black Dog & Harbour Lights in Weymouth

    RNH in Guzz
  17. Ditto, she also cannot understand how I cannot know someone’s name I have been pissing up with for years e.g. Smudge, Bungy etc. or total memory loss when I say alright mate and she says who’s that and I would run ashore oppo from Leander, and when she asks what’s his name I say cannot remember?
  18. You on Coco Beach or Fort Lauderdale

    Done the rest as well
  19. Inner Rooms was always a good drinking den in Cocoa Beach, as was the Fox and Hounds down Irish Town in Gib and who hasn't been to the Donkey's Flip Flop in Gib.
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  20. The "Crab Pot" in Fort Lauderdale.

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