Barry Buddon Range

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by yamyamdabber, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Hello Shipmates,

    Hoping to draw from the great experience of people on this site with this question.

    Got told earlier that I have to go to Barry Buddon Camp in a couple of weeks for the new BCC (that thing that is replacing NAPWT/NACMT). Just wondering seen as this place seems to be a Pongo place if anyone knows anything about it, i.e is it Matlot friendly (pubs, good scran, etc) or is it just a field that ill have to live in for a week??

    Any info welcome.

  2. Barry Buddon Ranges accomodation has been upgraded and is quite modern. Ranges area is quite large for all types of weapon and training
    of Army /service persons.
    Dundee is quite near as is Carnoustie and Monifieth for getting "ashore" if you want . But Car or own transport needed because I don't think a public bus service runs through the ranges----maybe mini buses do transport in the evenings.
    Might be better posting on ARRSE for more informed replies .
    I shoot there usually once a month -never stayed on the camp

  3. Take your waterproof clothing, summer or not you'll get rained on.
  4. And watch out for the twin engined midges....
  5. There are three RN Careers Advisors based in Dundee who probably know the local area like the backs of their hands - if you draw a blank with anything you would like to know in particular, I'm sure they would help:

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