Barred from entry for 5 years gutted

Yesterday I found out I have been barred form entry for 5 years due to a gang assualt in which I was hit over the head with a bottle and fell off a stage into a fixed table head first because I was a man utd fan and we'd just won the champs league (some mite say i deserve it for being a manc haha) anyway I came off worse than the table I fell on lol, namely a Cranial hematoma, which i have been told will bar me from entry however I will not give up on my dream of joining the navy until I have no avenues to look into, So anyway looking through the medical standards I spoted...

Neurological disorders

Ongoing nervous system disease. Epilepsy or more than one Seizure/fit after
the age of 5 (although Benign Rolandic epilepsy is acceptable). Single seizure/fit
within the last 5 years. Multiple sclerosis. Complications following head injury.
Hydrocephalus (with or without shunt). Severe or recurrent headache (including

there was no complications foloowing my injury, does anyone know if I have a leg to stand on regarding appeal? Or is a hematoma a complication?

sorry for the long ass question but this is my career at stake after all


War Hero
Sorry to hear of your situation. Only a medical examiner can give qualified advice in this area. Unfortunately, my understanding is that any recent head injury resulting in internal bleeding is a bar to entry. Possibly Angrydoc can advise further.

There is unfortnately no appeal unless you can produce medical evidence to prove you did not incur the injury & were misdiagnosed.

Your medical examiner will usually indicate in his/her letter whether you may appeal or re-apply at a later date.
What do you mean "my career is at stake"? You don't have a career....I gather some fast food outlets are looking for staff...
There is other careers other than the Armed Forces, alot of them... just his career plans have gone down the drain, but chin up mate and just try in 5 years again.


The complication of the head injury is the cranial haematoma!

Whilst I suspect you are symptom-free, in theory you are at a slightly higher risk of having a seizure because of the resolving haematoma. After 5 years, if you are still seizure-free, your risk returns to that of the rest of us - hence we will re-consider at the 5 year mark.

I am not saying you will have a seizure - it is unlikely but still slightly more likely than it would have been had you not hit your head.

Hope this helps.

polto haha ever thort off stand up...??? idiot.

Ok thanks for the help guys guess its plan B accountant more rewarding finacially but not my first choice.

cheers guys
If you have a 5 year delay, use that time wisely; get a degree in Acountancy and Finance, earn some money, and if you still fancy a career in the RN, apply to become an Officer.

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