barred for depression?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by biceps02, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Yesterday within 5 minutes of seeing the doctor for my medical I was told I was unfit psychologically because I'd disclosed depression and going to counselling which ended last August.

    I am confused because depression was not listed on the list of conditions that preclude entry. The words I wrote about the external circumstances that led to my depression were taken in isolation to the context and no further exploration was sought from my GP as to the level of my depression which was mostly mild. I never took medication.

    I had stated that I had been in counselling for 6 months but in fact my depression lifted after a month and the counselling was more life coaching on career decisions and techniques on stress management. I was not given the opportunity to explain this as the interview was quick and categoric and having the rug pulled from under my feet left me shocked. I am therefore making an appeal.

    If anyone has any knowledge as to whether there is flexibility on the part of the powers that be to reconsider my case, I would be most grateful.
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  3. Angrydoc on here is our resident Naval MO. He know doubt will give you an answer but you may not get an answer you look for.

    The medical entry requirements are set in stone
  4. Is it just me or has there been an increase lately in the amount of people not liking what they're being told and seeing if they can find an alternative way of achieving the aim? :?
  5. Times are hard in Civvy Street!!
  6. It's not a case of not liking what one is told. It's a case of following a procedure that is already in place as informed by the AFCO when one experiences unprofessional practice. A medical examination should be what it claims to be.
  7. But if the regulations state your depression bars you from entry then how can it be unprofessional practice?
  8. I guess your idea of a medical examination is different to the medical examiners idea of a medical examination in this case...if you see what I mean... :?
  9. Depression would come under 'Mental Health Problems'
  10. The Guidance Notes listed schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, and the likes but did not list depression so the information I have now is ambiguous and I am seeking clarity. It would be helpful to know what is written in stone and what is a guideline with room for flexibility.
  11. Just wait for the Doc on here. Stop posting until that point.
  12. On something like depression I very much doubt it is the job of the GP doing your AFCO Medical to examine you. Rather they would be looking to see if any of the medical history declared on your form would immediately bar you from entry. It is obviously the case that your declaration regarding your mental health was enough to satisfy him/her.

    If you are judging your claim that her examination was insufficient on the basis that she didn't do a thorough assessment of your mental health now then perhaps you are misunderstanding her role and the importance of medical history.
  13. Every cnut i've ever met in the forces is depressed anyway, dont see what the problem is!
  14. Perhaps you are right. A GP is not qualified to assess mental health. The letter accompanying the invitation for a medical however, stated that if one has a condition listed on the Guidance Notes, they should supply additional medical details from their doctor. It would have been good practice for him to seek this information so as to have accurate information as whether the severity, duration, and treatment met the specified exclusion criteria.
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  16. The list would not be exhaustive. They'll be stringent on certain conditions especially ones that would pose a 'risk' when put under pressure or in a stressful environment.
  17. You said your counselling ended last August, you might want to try to suggest to them to give you an opportunity to re apply after a certain period has elapsed, that might help.
  18. Thanks for the advice on how to run the Royal Navy recruiting service - I'm sure your comments will be well received.

    You seem to have thrown your toys out of the pram a bit because things haven't gone the way you expected them to. The GP you saw doesn't have to assess your mental health - all s/he has to do is make sure you don't have a medical condition which is on our "watch-list". Depression is on it - I'm sure I don't need to spell out the reasons we don't particularly want to recruit depressed people into the Armed Forces.

    It is interesting that you say the GP is not qualified regarding mental health issues (which is tosh, because they are - I think it's about 30% of GP consultations which are mental health related), yet you are!

    Depression is counted as severe if it lasts longer than 12 weeks. Why 12 weeks? Don't have a clue, but that is what the psychiatrists have said. Although you state you were only depressed for a month, your treatment lasted longer. Whatever form that counselling took, it was still treatment for your depression. Life coaching etc is a valid treatment for low mood, as you have to be guided through how to live your life without falling back into a depressive episode.

    The guidelines state the episode must be shorter than 12 weeks, and be 2 years ago. This is why you failed your medical. No amount of appealing will change this, as you cannot appeal this standard.

    There is a lot more unhappiness at the mo when people are failed medically - I answer either a forum post or PM approximately weekly in reply to a request for appeal. I will say what I have said to many - the Royal Navy is not an employment agency that must employ you - we will take in who fulfills our criteria. If you don't fulfill the criteria, then it's a no I'm afraid.

    RN Medical Officer
    Moderator, Health & Fitness

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