Baroness Corston of Ripoff


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Whiter than White eh Tony? Mind at least the Tories were usually just caught with their pants down, this lot are selling the country off bit by bit, as well as being caught with their pants down.
come_the_day said:
Anybody catch the story at the weekend about a New Labour peer who slipped on the stairs in the House and is now to sue for compensation after hurting her foot?

Makes you wince when you hear that many ex-Servicemen are waiting for payouts after being injured whilst serving on ops.

One rule for Peers another for everyone else.... I developed RSI a few years ago at work and they haven't offered me a penny of compensation despite the fact that it has led to long-term impairment. But of course, I'm not a Peer! :sad:


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According to the Mail today, she wants £300,000!!!!

I did the grasping cow a disservice, as she was an MP when she didn't watch where she put her feet whilst negotiating a staircase in the House of Commons.

What with Gordon having ripped off those who can least afford it in the budget, it rather shows in what disdain the Labour Party holds both the electorate as a whole and the poorest off amongst us.


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If this was you or me, we would have to be examined by a doctor to decide if we were medically unfit to work. We would also have to sign lots of forms to say we would not work anywhere else if we were claiming a (company) pension. People should be asking how she is fit to do one job but not the other. :mad: :mad:
Even with all the s**t that nu labour are covered in, come the next election, they are dumb enough to ask "why did'nt we get re-elected :???: :???: