Baroness Ashdon Failing Fast

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    This bloke:

    Herman Van Rompuy, the EU president

    What a great name. Nazis have some fantastic names.
  2. Was always going to be so. Boone knows who she is (or the EU President for that matter) or what she is supposed to do. Probably takes a decent salary though.

    The reason she got the job? So that NuLab would sign us up to the Lisbon treaty, negative referendum. Another victory for Labour then.
  3. I just love how the EU spends hundred million quid or so on moving the entire EU Parliament to strasbourg for a week each year just to suit a promise made to the cheese eating surrender monkeys.
  4. Just about sums up the whole 'European experiment'..........Failure....with the lingering stench of NuLab :pottytrain5:
  5. Lets see how she bats when the refusal to allow prisoners the vote, in the face of the EU directive, is debated in the European Court. Time Cameron showed some balls and stated that English Law should be left to English law. I believe the absence of a statement by Finks on this subject, probably means that he is already in Strasbourg, minimising damage to the NuLab crowd.:-D
  6. I'd be surprised if the Prisoner Votes issue is championed by Cameron as well as it deserves. The issue of whether they are allowed to vote isnt the issue. This is the best chance in years we have had to stick the fingers up to the EU and say hands off. I dont like Tories and I have little respect for Politicos in general but if Cameron gets this done properly you wont hear me complaining.

    Finks....... yeah I thought it had been quiet
  7. At the risk of popping some balloons the European Court of Human rights is stuff all to do with the European Union.
  8. Shares enough of the cap tally to qualify..............stuff them both.
  9. Aye its not necessarily the remit of the EU Council but its a shot at standing up for ourselves and sometimes you cant pick your battlefield. Fish has a point though as does Trelawney
  10. All we can do to avoid the prisoner thing is withdraw from the EU Convention on Human Rights. Whilst I would welcome withdrawing from anything European, I'm not sure if it would go down well with the Guardian / Independent readers and their bearded chums...
  11. Maybe burn the lib newspaper printing houses down? :p

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