Baroness Ashdon EU In-competence creep.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 29, 2011.

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  1. Europe's new diplomatic service under fire - Telegraph

    Do we really need these unelected european politicians, with their petty point scoring and unproductive imput into world politics...It appears to me that we pay into the EU Fund purely to sustain the lifestyle of these pompous idiots, who are promoted into these EU positions to get them out of the countries mainstream politics. ie Kinnocks, Blair etc. In short it is a sinecure.
    Hello Finks!
  2. We need and want a referndum on membership but there is no chance of the lightweight fool Cameron giving us that.
  3. The prime time for a referendum on Europe was when Lisbon was being ratified. Labour put paid to that, but then Brown was used to getting things his way without the need for asking the people.
  4. If that is the case then Cameron has no excuse for not giving us the opportunity, don't forget they are in Westminster to represent the people.
  5. Already mentioned - another poll would distract politicians from the main problem (deficit reduction) as well as cost a fortune. Also a bit pointless as I think Lisbon has tied us in for a while - not certain but I vaguely remember reading something to that effect a while ago.
  6. Too late, we were signed into it by your glorious idiot Brown, a Scot, then to top it all Alister Darling, another Scot, goes ahead and locks this country into baling out the failing Euros after Liebour had lost the election.
    British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro - Telegraph
    All in all we had 15 years, under the labour idiots and suffered under the lies of Blair, the political spins of Campbell, the deceit of politicians of all colours in the expenses scandals.
    The EU is awash with the new political elite,appointed by Labour, during their tenure of office. Unelected, and unaccountable, to the British tax payer, whose main aim is the dissolution of this country.
    And then Finks, you state "they are in Westminster to represent the people". I don't think that in all the years, under any government, politicians do only what is in their own self interest to do so.....and stuff the people.
  7. Politics isn't my strongest suit and I can understand greivances with Brown and Lisbon but are the Tories really any better?
    Wasn't it a Tory, Ted Heath that took us into Europe? Didn't another, Thatcher sign away our rights to them with Maastricht? And now isn't Dave just giving the entire topic a DGI?

    Also please explain what Blair has to do with EU positions, whilst he undoubtedly wanted the job the nobody Rumpoy got he didn't so apart from an anti-Labour rant is there actually any substance to the Blair comment?
  8. Tony Blair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tony Blair signed Britain closer into Europe, he gave away all the concessions that Margaret Thatcher had squeezed out of the Eurocrats, several billions in refunds.He was prepared to do this in order to become the first EU President. He aligned himself with Bush with the WMD illusion. Following a sucessful campaign by "the people" he was dropped from the list of potential candidates. His main job now is the representative of EU, the US, Russia etc to the Middle East. Handsome salary for a sinecure position. Lets also not forget that it was he who oversaw the "Human Rights" enacted into our legislation. He is married to Ceri Blair, who just happens to be a QC and an expert on Human Rights. So yes I think that there is more to the Blair comment. But also a very good example of how to feather your own nest.,
  9. The man is a traitor to the UK - aka to the likes of you and me.
    No wonder he ensured that the death penalty for treason was abolished ....
  10. Blair was a beacon to all working men! my mate was in Sedgefield WM club[Blairs constituency} when he arrived,ordered a pint of Newcastle Exhibition took two dainty sips,grimaced then quickly walked away.
    Job done he's now a man of the working people!My Arse he was,a self promoting chancer, a great speaker,good smile and false sincerity,Oh! and a beautiful wife! He was on a winner.
    Broon was just Broon nothing remotely like him to be seen again thank God! Same goes for Cammy.
    We need a Forces Revolution with RumRat as PM and all other Rum Ration contributors in the Cabinet I'll take Health so I can visit Women's breast enlargement and other sexual wards on a regular basis.
  11. Of course, the EU could punch it's weight, and answer the question - "when the President of the US calls Europe, who answers", but of course we all want to go our own way.

    No wonder that the wider world is leaving us behind, the UK stands no chance against the BRICs; but it's ok, we've got UKIP to lead us into glorious isolation.
  12. For EU read FIFA

    They are all run by the same sort of people...*****
  13. My bold

    Just like Switzerland and Norway??
    I see the Finns and Hungarians are revolting over EU membership along with the Danes refusing to open its borders to everyone, Greece possibly pulling out of the EU and the Germans reputedly printing Deutschmarks again on the QT.. The cracks are appearing.
  14. Plans to paper over cracks with either Euros or Francs then.
  15. While we do nothing other than whine on forums and down the pub, what a pathetic lot we are and yes I am as guilty as the rest.
  16. No Finks, your Mr Blair did a fantastic job in stitching up this nation, New Speak for New Labour. A new law was passed every approximately every 3hours during his tenure of office.The Blair years: new law passed every three hours | Mail Online
    If you dont like that statistic Wiki has it as 2685 new laws in which he increased the arrestable offences. In short you have no freedom to speak your mind, words must be deliberated on before you air them, in case it offends some minority group. In short Blair and his cohorts are marginally better than Robert Mugabee, who at least had the decency to do all his dirty work in full public gaze.
    Some of us (on this site) were busy petitioning to all the European heads of state against Tony Blair becoming the EU President.
  17. The UKIP's stance is that they will offer a referendum on EU membership is an indication of their political weakness. If people vote for UKIP, then it is a bit of a clue as to which of their main policies that has attracted them.
    Why not ditch the idea of a referendum and just pull the UK out of the EU? Or is there something else going on here? Everyday, it looks more and more as though the UKIP has been setup to catch the disaffected Conservative vote.

    Right that's enough moaning, back to the ironing ...
  18. My Dear Squire, how many times do I have to repeat myself, I am no fan of 'Blood on his hands Blair', I detest the man.

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