Baron Castleshort - RMR?

Over at ARRSE we are in "awe" of the military service claimed by one James Shortt, aka Baron Castleshort. In addition to service with the TA Parachute Regiment and the SAS there is an article that claims service with the RMR;,M1

Obviously the ARRSE community would welcome any input from anyone here.

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ARRSEpedia entry;
Jesus NOOOOoooooo, don't infect us with the mong. :thumright:
The last one, introduced from a Canadian Mil forum, took a while to get rid of.
The man is probably mentally ill, likes his fake gongs and fancy dress uniforms.
What probably started out as a little white lie, ie bigging up his service, to give some credence to and promote his Bodyguard School/business has escalated into delusions of nobility (Purchased title) and Walting of the 'finest' (Read worst) kind.
Gas_Gas_Gas (Thanks for the memories of CS aerosols sprayed in the face :pukel: ) I don't know if you'll get much luck from RMR bods, but thanks for spreading the joy of the Baron of Feckwittery.
The Royal Marines TA? Has it finally happened Royal has become part of the British Army!

I really enjoy these readings and photographs to fit the stories.

Damn I forgot to mention I was also a para instructor to the SAS! Hanger1 RAF Abingdon Sept 1970

Any info what unit this person served at and when. For a rubber dagger he has many titles. Order of St George was one I read. Being a member of the St Johns Brigade for many years I only recieved a couple of long service badges and a tie.


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Short has been arround for many years on the fringes , i seriously doubt if this blagger extrodinaire has any military service ,
however with all good lies there is an element of truth
i recall late 70s , 41 Cdo RM had reformed at Deal ( from Malta ) , the unit had a PTI , Bernie ***** ( name witheld) who was big into martial arts.
Short appeared as a guest instructor once, we had an afternoon of unarmed combat and he gave some demonstrations -- restraint / holds etc.
as far as i am aware this was his only involvment EVER with RM.
Shorts modus operandi appears to be to vastly exagerate any contact he has with the military -- hence "1977 -1982 consultant to RM" wheras in fact this should read "1979 was the mate of an RM PTI and helped out one day"
unfortunatley Short is still picking up work - particularly through the IBA which any self respecting or knowledgable operator wouldnt go within a million miles of.
Interesting that Short never gets any repeat buisnes !!
i am sure we havent heard the last of this cnut he will keep re appearing , its a pity we cant put him in touch with Steeve Preece -- perhaps they could write a book together


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I remember Bernie P******T. (RM PTI) He was a short stocky guy who was exceptional with Jujitsu. He was actually a mate of mine, who went to work "across the water" in the mid 80's. I last saw him at HMS Warrior before he went. He came along to teach the RM Det unarmed Combat, along with a former RM PTI, who was in his 60s and who was also an exceptional martial artist. I believe Bernie's son later joined the Corps too.

Best Regards


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