Barnet & Whetstone Press: "MP Joins The Navy In Hunt For Drug Runners"

Discussion in 'RFA' started by soleil, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Sorry Sol.. the link doesn't appear to be working.
  2. Better now?
  3. Much better thank you...Do you happen to know (roughly) how many parliamentarians take up the scheme? " Mr Offord was taking part in the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, which aims to give MPs a better understanding of military issues. The programme is funded through corporate and private means, not by taxpayers.
  4. Roughly 15 per annum, Trel.
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  5. Many thanks, I never realised the scheme existed.. as an added bonus for the diners Mrs Bercow probably did the " light entertainment".
    Oh, to have been be a fly on the wall.
  6. And they're are generally really interested in what we do; right until it gets rough, then, not so much......
  7. The experience gained (hopefully) might just be enough to swing some parliamentary decisions in Pussers favour, at the very least it might just encourage MP's to listen to the Chiefs of Staff.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I saw some of them pass through JSCSC. Dressed (if that's what you called it) in CS95 I thought who is this bunch of scruffy bastards as they came into the dining hall eager to graze. Then I clocked what looked like a brigadiers' slide on the fattest scruffiest one (it was - with AFPS undeneath). Then I remembered daily orders and made a note to myself, if you see him outdoors, do not salute .
  9. I saw some too at shawbury, didn't recognise the stable belt but was intrigued as to what regiment this confusion of fat, scruffy choppers where.

    Once I discovered they weren't RLC the respect I had for them went up a notch. To notch -7.
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  10. It's because the original article which started the thread was about an MP who visted RFA Wave Ruler and so it seemed a good place for the article. The thread then gravitated more towards the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme in general and so I added the latest article, which is about another MP on that scheme, as it seemed coherent.

    The thread might warrant a move now, I'm just not sure to where.

    It might not be movable immediately as I seem to have broken the wand I was given in the Moderators' class at Hogwarts; as soon as my wand is mended, I will move it.

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