BARMY Iranian sailors pose in captured RN patrol boat

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bigwhiteshark, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No. Its the one they took in 2004.
  2. A bit of me thinks that it really is under duress, that they pose.....the regime have a different discipline for those who do not comply
  3. The boat pictued was taken in 2004 along with an RE Combat Support Boat. The boat actually belonged to the Iraqi River Police.
  4. forget the boat - lets hope some tw8t from HQ Stores decides that the yellow boots are way ahead
  5. That's not a pussers boat.
  6. No sign of Arfur's iPod?
  7. How do the tabloids keep getting away with such poor stories?. It's obviously not one of ours. Perhaps the writer should follow that stout fellow Piers Morgan into the gutter of obscurity for writing complete drivel?. Is the reason for such poor reporting the fact that they can't be arrsed to research the facts before filling a few column inches with crap? My own personal opinion is yes. I also work in a Joint Environment where Cornwall saga bantar is floated with much merriment until I remind them of the incident in Bosnia circe 95-96 where we had a bunch of fuseliers onboard for a bit of RNR and in the next week saw them on CNN chained to a Serbian amunition dump after giving up without a fight. Opposums are wonderful creatures, play dead and then come out fighting when you are on top, don't take on overwhelming odds. Sorry I've had too much wine tonight.............................................................
  8. Looks more like the harbour masters boat at Salcombe.
  9. Well if you choose to believe badly written, badly researched novels, what do you expect. With the redtops the words facts and news have always been oxymoronic.
  10. The wine is freely flowing tonight. Thingy, I have not believed a word they have said since I joined up. What grips me is that facy the media did not take any notice of what was happening in NI in the early nineties, yet they continue to try and slate us for doing our jobs at present. I once made the dreadful mistake of phoning my mother to tell her I was alright after a particularly nastty mortar incident in NI only be told that it had not been reported on the mainland and sent her into a mild epileptic fit. So much for honsest reporting and the fact that I was a lonely singleton on that tour. Thank god for our folks when we were younger. Still haven't told her the full Telic 1 dits for fear of early funerals. Not particularly warry just didn't mention the Yank school buses with guys in them missing arms and legs that I jihad the misfortutne to stumble upon during a very wierd 24 hours in Kuwait. Still something that you would not ever hope to see in your life and trust me there were dozens of them getting loaded straight out of combat onto flights to Germany. This countries media is so far up their own backsides when it comes to the AF that I dispair of the fact that we are now a 24 hour news story. Any death, injury is headline news, blah ,blah so many men dead in 5 years blah blah, we are servicemen so crack on and get on with it. Lets not farck about with these nutters, instant bucket of sunshine and see if they're still claiming that they rule the roost. Off to my rack as I'm shitters and my missus is giving me both barrels. Message ends. Out.
  11. I see that Royal got there first and 'relocated' the props!

  12. Nope it isn't a pussers boat, but it was driven by members of the RNTT that were captured by the Iranians, along with a Combat Support Boat that they were attempting to transfer to other members of the RNTT. The two teams were supposed to have met each other along the southern reaches of the Shatt Al Arab, one team (the lot that were captured set off from Umm Qasr, the other set off from Basra. The boat belonged to the Iraqi River Police, whom the RNTT were training and mentoring, and that particular boat was based at Umm Qasr.
  13. Must be great to be at the heights of "top brass in the Iranian navy (sic)" then parade through a city in a fibreglass rowing boat on the back of a lorry!
  14. IIRC, the boat in the pic is a Boston Whaler.

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