Bargain ?.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. I call bargain.

    Only problem is that it's in Yorkshire, the home of Sam Smith beer. As my branch regularly has predeployment stuff in Strensall, I have had much exposure to the strange lager produced by Smiths. It makes Miller taste good.

    That isn't a compliment ;)
  2. I have lived in York area for 61 yrs MJ, the lock was a place I played as a child, only a couple of miles from where I was born and brought up. I put it up as anyone on RR wanting a challenge/retirement gaff/holiday home would probably never see the auction notice, it is a crackin spot IMO. When there is heavy rain the sight of the oggin coming over the wear is ace. You would probably need to raft the whole building and new window and door frames to fit flood gates.
    AD, next time get thisen into York, plenty of good lager choice and not just the regular Stella/Kronenberg/Carling/Fosters. Brigantes on Micklegate being a good starting point.

    Brigantes Bar - part of the Market Town Taverns group it is the current York CAMRA pub of the year - with up to 10 guests available from around the country, Brigantes is always worth a visit. Regular brewers seen include York, Leeds, Wharfbank, Great Heck, Salamander,Rudgate / Marston Moor. Food available lunch times & evenings. 1/3’s now available.
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  3. It's in Yorkshire, leave it well alone!
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've got to back up Stirling here. The choice of real ale iin York is superb. He recommended a few watering holes for me a few years ago when we had an extended visit there and to my great surprise I found there to be a far wider range of "real" ciders there than there is in the West country where most of them are made.
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  6. I would go for this as a bargain if I had 75K to waste, which I do not
    It was not in Yorkshire, which it is.
    I always fancied a swimming pool but not a temp one in my kitchen when it rains
    And finally I have enough trouble with English never mind having to learn Yorkish lingo, so me not a bargain.
    Beer is not an issue drink Guinness
    Also it's a semi?
    who the hell would have a holiday home in Yorkshire?
  7. Then I apologise for my attempts to be helpfull to members of this site, won't bother again.
  8. Nibble nibble woosh, hook line and
  9. Fuck off and crayon somewhere else.
  10. Crayon my ass, you asked Bargain? I debated cost, location and benefits and to me not a bargain, so wind your neck in you old scrote
  11. Might be a bargain ... the obvious thought would be to take it to bits and rebuild it in top of an old pussers lighter ... wouldn't matter if it rained then would it ... as it would technically be a "boat" (and I use the term lightly indicating something smaller than a ship and not a sleek black cigar tube of death) ... would perhaps not be liable for council tax ... just mooring fees??? Just need shore supply and a digester in the bottom of the lighter - and hey presto! Just suit a old and bold ex Stoker who likes mucking about with digesters with a liking for real ales????? Any takers?????????
  12. WTF is a digester.......compared to other semi cottages it is a bargain, rafting, instalation of sump Flygt Pp and replacement of openings with type to fit flood gates, waist level sockets, new appliances on skids aboot £10 grand according to building mate. And as I said if 4 got together to split could even hire a local as winter caretaker.
  13. Large marina close by, you could be on to something.
  14. got anyone in mind Stirl?
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  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    What would worry me most, is something that was on the news after the last bout of flooding. Many insurance companies are set to withdraw cover to buildings on flood plains. Without insurance, your bargain could rapidly become a very expensive investment that you can't offload.
  16. Tiddy post 17 says no insurance and you will not get a mortgage, you would need to be fairly loaded to take it on?
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Link didn't work on Dii mate, couldn't open it.
  18. In the vid it says Naburn is cut off when it floods which is bollox, only this morning I walked on one of the OTHER roads into the village. Kings arms in York is at lower level than cottage and although the water is half way up the ground floor windows in flood the sump pump keeps the pub dry and you can enter through the back door in side street. His cellar is at head height.

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