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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Ash891, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Back to barefoot | Royal Navy

    What do you all think of this?

    I started barefoot running in vibram fivefingers before my legs adjusted to normal running (I was nowhere as near as active as I am now), so I inevitably gave myself a few time out injuries (sprains, shin splints) in the past.

    Having low arches didn't help, but the reason I tried it out was to strengthen them.

    Since then I've stuck with minimalist style shoes because they at least provide a little support for the ankles whilst promoting a forefoot running stride.

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  2. Much prefer bare arsed boxing...:rofl:
  3. or bare back riding
  4. The average 'western' foot is not accustomed to this 'barefoot' running fad...mainly because in our culture we tend to 'clothe' our feet at an early age and so the foot/muscles develop accordingly. Commencing barefoot running later in life can have it's hazards. It's senseless making comparisons with those do this, particularly on the African continent as in the main they have grown up with this method of running and so the muscles have developed accordingly. I would suggest either extreme caution or do not do it. I know a little about this because a a phys ed instructor suggested to my wife it would be a good idea. Trust me, after one session it wasn't...and our other friend who sells bespoke running footwear told us what the problem was - damage to delicate tendons etc within the foot. I would suggest that after a certain age, do not do it. It's a fad.
  5. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Ran in Vibrams for a brief period but I had to adjust my running style too much which was uncomfortable. Using Nike Free runs 3 now bad they're spot on.

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  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Got issued Pussers plimsolls when I joined up, I think it's the same thing, they were fcuking useless and we might as well have gone to the gym in flipflops or bare foot. We all ended up with shin splints to a various degree.
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  7. I do think my vibrams are very comfortable to run in, but you are so susceptible to injuries in them if you don't start off with baby steps.

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  8. This was brought up by jay igaboo some time ago. My sports were road and cross country running including ultra;- London to Brighton and boxing, welter and middle weight. Hi tec. trainers were not yet invented [and many are over rated] I saved up for a pair of North British tennis shoes. and happily did 12 mile training road runs and now by fcuk I'm paying the price. I'd do it all again Every time I see somebody out for a run pure envy guts me like a knife thrust.The late and great Jack Holden won the Christchurch N.Z. marathon bare footed after his shoes fell apart.Alf Tupper lives!
  9. I started trying barefoot running about a month or so ago and while my calf muscles are still giving me some problems, I have noticed that my plantar fasciitis has improved greatly. Is this a typical result? I used to have to do the exercises in the morning before I got out of bed so that I could walk, and even then, it was still painful. Now, I'm not having to do the exercises and it's less painful than before and seems to be getting even better. It's definitely inspired me to continue doing this.
  10. I taught myself to run "Pose" although I don't run completely barefoot, I do wear minimalist shoes. Best thing I did was to change from heel striking to pose.

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  11. Pose?

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  12. It is the Plantar that becomes problematic when you are unaccustomed to barefoot running. Apparently, the pain from this area can be so severe that it becomes difficult/impossible to put any weight on the affected foot. (Disclaimer: Not my area of expertise...had a chat with the running shoe expert, when my wife tried this and ended up hopping around like Long John Silver with a missing wooden leg due to the pain).

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