Barefoot running

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JonnoJonno, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Hello cunts

    Inspired by Tommo's excellent training diary/blog, I have decided to share my experiences as I transition from a traditional 'heel-toe' running style to a method called variously 'pose', 'native' or 'barefoot' running.

    Basically I am sick of going through a cycle of injury, treatment and recovery and imagine that some others may also be missing injury-free running in their exercise regime. This 'pose' method has lots of positive reviews and many have claimed it has helped them to remain injury-free for years at a time.

    If you think it's a shite idea I'll can it, but if any of you would be interested in following my insane ideas I'll carry on. Put into Lil's because I like to have a bit of banter (and as 2DD points out most threads eventually descend into anarchy)

    Up to you lot, you shower of twats.

  2. Buy a pushbike you wuss
  3. I'd be interested to hear how you get on, I adopted pose running 2 years ago and found the first month to be a mixture of revelation and intense calf pain. Now however, I'm reaping the benefits and have never looked back.
  4. The one main problem I can think of regarding barefoot running is that if you try this in Pompey, then all the dogshit will gather between your toes and does not seem very hygenic to me.
  5. I have a prostate the size of a watermelon already. Are you trying to kill me? :D
  6. Okay then, you can put the saddle back on but don't blame me if you fall off :wink:
  7. Cheers for the comments guys! So here we go:

    I'm in my 30's, 6'2 and weigh 100kgs (not a fat bugger but quite alot of muscle). I have run 1.5 mile PFTs in about 10:20 for the last year (PB being 9:57) but I'm hanging out of my arse to achieve it. I jog about 16 miles a week, lots of tabbing, and swim and gym when I can fit it in.

    As my aerobic fitness improves I eventually get a niggle in my right knee. It's a sharpish pain on the inside of the knee, and a slight weakness when straightening the leg. I stop running before it becomes an injury but going back to swimming/gym only I lose some of the condition that I was developing pre-injury. The injury completely clears-up within about 10 days, and I start the process all over again :roll:

    I started to look about for ideas on examining my gait in order to figure out where I was going wrong, and cropped-up on the barefoot and pose movements. These links explain alot better:

    So, the idea is that we do away with the hard landing of the heel and instead land midfoot/or ball of foot. To start with it is very difficult and the calf muscles take a pounding as they are essentially being used as shock absorbers.

    Having had a couple of attempts on the treadmill I tried it on the road on saturday, having found a pair of flat trainers with little heel (which gets in the way when trying to land neutrally). I did 1.5 miles in 10 minutes flat, without feeling aerobically challenged. Then, I took the trainers off and walked the 1.5miles back barefooted; the idea being that this engages your feet with the floor and aids in 'ground awareness, whilst also strengthening the foot muscles and stretching the achilles. WHOOOP! Easy..... until the next day when the calf muscles felt like they have been hit with sticks for the night.

    I have not run since saturday and the pain in my calf muscles is only just going away. I am however very impressed with my increase in speed, and have no stiffness in my knee. I definately need to keep flexibility in m lower limbs and build up the calves. Next time I'll do 1/2 a mile and build up slower!
  8. It took about a month of 25 miles a week before my calfs settled down and got used to it, an oppo found he experienced the same but his calf stress dissapeared after about 3 weeks doing less mileage.

    One thing I found with Pose is that when you get knackered, it's easy to fall back to heal-toe running, during last years great north run I noticed I'd lost pose at about 10 mile and had to consciously make an effort to keep form.

    During my nightly 5 miler though I manage to keep it up without noticing and it has become second nature.

    For me, race shoes are good for Pose as they have very thin soles, but they wear out much quicker than normal trainers. As I mentioned to you in PM mate, try a fitting.
  9. Cheers Monty; you have reflected the experiences of many on the forums. Good to know that it doesn't take too long to learn the technique! Interesting to note that it is one of the few sports which we typically don't receive formal coaching on before attempting.

    I will go over to proper flat shoes later, but at the moment I've taken the insteps out of my asics in order to flatten my feet in relation to the ground, and feel a little bit more of the road.
  10. God luck with the exeperiment/ lifestyle change fella.

    I tried pose running from heel running however, I suffered alot more. I suffer so much less now running on the heel in correct trainers. My achilles are all over the place barefoot.

    I will be interested in the results you find through this though.

    p.s thanks for the mention lol
  11. Cheers Tommo.

    One of the reasons that I now feel able to transition to 'pose' is that I have done extensive flexibility work on my lower legs and ankles as part of the recovery from a nasty foot arch tear (plantar faciitis). This has stretched out the achilles aswell, so hopefully this will help alot. I'll let you know!

    On reflection I realise now that some of the research I did for the treadmill thread I wrote was pushing me towards taking smaller steps, and less deliberate push-off. It certainly helped on the 'mill, so now hopefully it will help on the road.
  12. I'd be interested in hearing about how you got on with pose running. Any good links online about it anywhere?
  13. SRA,

    In addition to the links on my post above try this:

    Posetech is the home site of the inventor of the 'pose' technique (well the guy who formulated the instructional method- basically a system of reteaching how we all ran as kids).

    Posetech also has a forum, which I've joined. It is well worth joining as there are additional academic papers on the subject and people collate articles from running magazines, saving you the hassle of searching.

    Also just noticed that the US military use it as a method of rehabilitating injured soldiers in training, and use it to help people struggling to pass their equivalent of the pft:
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  15. Do you run barefoot in the park? you gayer.
    You white homo's are a strange bunch. When I was a kid in the hood we were bare foot because of poverty. Our dream was to grow up and own our own shoes.
    I mugged my first honky for his Reebok's when I was 12. What a glorious feeling having something warm and comfortable wrapped tightly around my foot. I loved that ho bitch,... but back to shoes.
    The sublime feeling of being able to run over glass and rubble, no longer could the man stop and search at will, we could run and jump our way to freedom.
    Now you pervs are going native just to pose.
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  16. We woz that poor we couldn't even afford a dream
  17. Being an entirely new concept, it took you a while to figure out what to do with 'em though. Typically you used them as a primitive hunting weapon against pigeons, until you were taught how to wear them by your first prison officer:

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  18. I have to come clean on this one, pose running made me a better person than I was.
    I am now faster and can run further.
    I was out running and posing.
    Some white boy bitches started giving me jive so I nutted the spook.
    Well he had close support and a gaggle of honky bright boys takes to trying to skin me. Man I was away like arkle, and I did the long five all the way back to the hood no sweat and some.
    And don't you be disrespecting me white boy, I ain't no dumb ass, why every bro in the hood knows that's just a shoe tree. :D :wink: :lol:
  19. Many moons ago, I was a fit young martial artist (and part time piss artist!) and used to run round the dockyard in barefeet. Obviously you had to watch what was on the ground in frontof you, but it was really just an extension of training barefoot anyway, and at the time, I was doing a LOT of training. As I recall, the trick was to use the balls of the feet to land / push off with. I also remember the very sore calves.

    Strange to see it is now 'the in thing'. Just imagine, me a trend setter all these years ago! :lol:
  20. I noticed this the other night. Didn't even realise I was running on my forefoot, really. But yeah. On my run tonight I noticed it, and it explained why I was getting pain in my plantar fascia.

    Also, may I recommend trying pose running on grass first? Reduces the impact a fair bit.

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