Bar in Liverpool Bars Royal Marines who attended funeral



This is starting to be a recurring theme - first Harrods now this. I find the comment about aggressive behaviour hard to believe - only a very stupid matelot etc. misbehaves in rig.

Another sign this country is secretly ashamed of its Armed Forces? Probably.

A disgrace.


Lantern Swinger
It is to be hoped that the Scousers give Walkabout a stiff ignoring.

Could any policy be a more calculated snub to British Servicemen and women. Liverpool has always been a rich seam for recruitment and I think that this plastic Aussie hostelry may well have miscalculated. I'd be more impressed with the management's attempt to repair the damage if they invited these lads back for a free lunch, along with anyone else from Cpl Nowak's Unit, as long as they all wear uniform.

Come on Liverpool, show 'em what you're made of!
I'm sorry, I've just read this and I'm totally disgusted with it! Hopefully this will be shown to the wider audience amongst us! I have been to a few funerals in rig and have never been turned away from any drinking establishment. Again we seem to be a minority that is not PC.
come_the_day said:
Can I suggest that anyone who feels bad about this contacts Walkabout Head Office. Their website has a contact address for comments.

Just seen this and I am FCUKING RAGING!!!

Who do these bastards think they are? I for one will most definitely be contact Walkabout on Monday morning, to give them a serious fckn de-brief.
That has given me the right hump. I would like to think that if I was in rig (have applied to RNR) that I wouldn't get turned away from a pub. There is a Walkabout in Croydon (where I live) and I am tempted to pop down there and vent my spleen at them. Bunch of w*ankers.

This is my first message but agree with all the others. The lads work their bull--ks off in some smitten country they don't want to be in, just doing their jobs, but rejected at home. This is the over PC Britain we live in today and it stinks.


Well in Guz there's Kularoos (?sp) across the road from Walkabout, with a sign at the door welcoming all members of HM Armed Forces and waiving the door charge for them. Always preferred it to Walkabout anyway...