Banyan Party - new political party for matelots

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Yes, I like parties!

  2. No, there are enough already!

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  3. I always vote logistically

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  1. How about starting our own political party, sponsored by RR: the Matelots Party alias Banyan. Nice catchy name. Website: - it's still available at writing?

    I'm looking for suggestions for our Manifesto...
  2. What about saying that you would pass a law making it mandatory to have Friday afternoons off to travel home, and Wednesday afternoons to play sport/go down the pub/pop round to see your bit of fluff etc?
  3. Do we look like the army?
  4. Am sorry, are you telling me that you never had a sports make and mend, or had an ELWE?
  5. 1-Dits are only allowed from badgemen and above
    2-National sport to be Uckers (no blowbacks)
    3-Foriegn policy is based on the best runs ashore
    4-CSB to be adopted as the National drink
  6. 5-Re-intruduce the tot , [can I have Bacardi instead] ,
    6-Bring back old Denim no 8s[70s style] ,
    7-Get rid of the pussers Beret , [Jack looks a mess in it] ,
    8-Sack Des Brown [Defence Sec & Human Rights Lawyer] ,
    9-More phots of JD & Rosina please , :roll: :oops:
  7. Standard party dress to be shorts, loud shirts and flip-flops. The louder your shirt, the higher your status in the party!

    We could also profess to be the party against sleaze … well, everyone else says it and doesn’t mean it.

  8. ... and taking imom1406's no 4 a little further, party symbol to be crossed kebabs over a tin of CSB!! Pure heaven.

  9. CSB? Sorry lads, what's that naval jargon for? :wink:
  10. Courage Sparkling Bitter if memory serves me right

  11. Correct! Nectar of the Gods!
  12. ... and possibly, after too much of it, Can't See Bugger all.

  13. Thanks. Is that the stuff that you used to be able to buy in a gallon can by any chance, or I am getting confused with something else, by Watneys perhaps?
  14. Mind you we did have a WEM on the Cleo known affectionately as Drunken Douglas or The Ciderman, who was partial to the Tins of Taunton Cider...He came rolling down the mess ladder like an acrobat some night...and would swear blind as he got to his feet that he had not fallen!! Cider is a magnificent aneasthetic!
  15. Methinks it is only available on war canoes.
  16. I haven't seen it around for a while.

  17. At least 15 years if you are talking about he canned variety. Before we get too misty-eyed about the stuff, its worth remembering that CSB was only a generic fizzy lager, wih caramel added to make it darker.We only drank it because it was the only canned bitter available.
  18. I was on the Cleo 86-88. I believe you are reffering to a man with a passing resemblance to Peter Sutcliffe? Able to read Tolkein in Elvish?

  19. That is a treasonable comment!!
  20. Treasonable but true.

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