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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. So a moderator comes into the chatroom under his alias and says hes going to ban you because he came in half way through a conversation, which had nothing to do with him, welcome to Diamond Lils .
  2. Perhaps you should all hit the ignore button Higs.
    Either that or complain to the site owners about heavy handed moderation, though its only a few days since chat room users were wanting mods to ban people.
  3. Its not a case of hitting the ignore button , and i do think that a mod at times is needed in the chat room, but when a mod comes in under another name and still has the buttons, then that is a load of crap.
  4. It seems that Mods want it all ways in this case. To be able to use a second identity so that they can enter into banter but retain all Mod powers when using this identity.
    Bit like Clarke Kent not popping into a telephone box & changing into Superman before screwing Loise Lane
  5. In the chatroom? Whatever happened to free speech and liberty! John Wilkes and J.J.Rousseau will be spinning in their graves!

    Perhaps we should ban Mods from the Chatroom unless they agree to forego donning their Moderator caps? :evil:
  6. Still banned tho the perpetrator has gone away, it`s time that Rum Ration Became Rum Ration, Part time Pongo And Deeps who are army belong on ARRSE, CA had a Sailor Silverfox who seems to have been removed from his Moderation duties, ( no explanation) and an up to date Submariner for the Submarine forum, Happy Easter.Let the Pongoes stay on arrse but feel free to join in here.
  7. I thought deeps was a Matelot, in fact I'm sure he was.
  8. Deeps is an ex Matelot he has been a soldier for many years three tours of Iraq if i remember right.
  9. Roger that mate! Although I cant get in the chat rooms I think that you are right about MOD's in disguise banning people, it's a bit like pulling rank ashore or something, if they want to act like a MOD they should use their MOD username. Just a thought.
  10. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Stop whinging ffs. You were warned Hig and you didn't listen to Deep's warnings. He's made it clear before that he had a second log-in.

    Get over it. If you've got an issue, here's a tissue :D
  11. What warnings were they then explain yourself, show the tape if you have it, if not keep your beak out.
  12. So now we have it, I`m banned although i left of my own accord, Deeps or Paveway 3 as he is known does not have the courtesy to say anything, and as for The Matelot, i wonder if he was in there under another name, if Paveway has the log then it would be prudent of him to show it on here in public, once again it seems like Mods sticking together. What a crock of shit.
  13. I banned you as deeps.I warned you and you said'' I am off i dont want to give him the pleasure'' You were being abusive. I have witnessess.Yes I am now a pongo however I was a matelot for over 6 years .I left afetr you did so I guess that makes me more in date than you. Go on Hig rally your troops.I dont see them joining in on your anti-MOD crusade. If you want I will get a few members that were in when I banned you ,to confirm you were being abusive.Now go away chill out and come back when you are sober.
  14. You were in the chatroom as Paveway and you know it, and as you say I left before you had the chance. There is no need for me to rally anyone cos as far as youre concerned in some of your other posts , youre not someone i would care to be associated with.As for being sober, you dont really know what youre talking about.
  15. Guys for any of you that actually care. I was signed in as paveway_3 Hig started being abusive so I warned him. He carried on so I logged off ,signed in as a mod and banned him .There are plenty of regular posters that would back this up. I have never banned anyone before and hopefully I wont have to ban anyone again. Please before you come to any conclusions ask me. This is a dead topic. Hig get over it.Its only a 24 hour ban.
  16. Its been a dead topic for a while,who the fuck is interested in what you say? you want sympathy you know where to find it, i dont give a shit if you ban me forever.
  17. Whatever you attention seeking ,whining ,stirrer. I dont give a stuff if you want to be associated with me or not.This is the internet.You cretin.You have been a real pain in the arse since you have signed up for this site.If you hate it so much well find somewhere else.You have no decent input into the site accept bitching about the MOD policy. Well tough titties matey.Get over it. This is on the thread because as you have stated already ''you dont pm''Chill out.
  18. Ok so I`m a cretin, I`ve been a pain in the arse since I`ve joined this site, I have not put any decent input into it, but i have never said i hate this site at all. End of story you can have the last word, as no doubt you will.
  19. Although I've been PMd about Hig's behaviour in the Chatroom, I think that it is important for balance in your intemperate assertion about Hig's contributions to RR. Higgy has contributed a lot to RR though it may not necessarily be valued by either yourself or the other Moderators. Hig has certainly been a source of much entertainment, and may he continue to contribute in his own idiosyncratic manner.

    Now Deeps what's all this about being a Pongo? You must know by now that 'once a sailor, always a sailor'. So far as I'm concerned whilst you may be in drab desert drag, you're a matelot! :)

    PS: Hig, what were you drinking last night? Poteen? Tell me more as I must try it! :p
  20. was in chat at the time....... things got heated.... and things were said....
    we have been moaning about havin a mod in chat... now we have got a regular one who comes in to say hy....
    so now we have to behave....
    well fair enought.............

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