Banned Dutch Video.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. It is indeed disturbing. I still cannot look at the clip of the World Trade Center Attacks without feeling shocked and sickened.

    I worry about the free hand being given to these fundamentalists, especially for example, those on that rally against the "cartoons", they were all inciting racial hatred, which I believe is a crime, so why were there no arrests and no prosecutions?

    It is inaction like that, allowing a minority to go unchallenged which gives fuel to the BNP and NF, discrimination by either side needs to be halted.
  2. Er, it's not Inga and Juicy Lucy Do Amsterdam is it? I'm at 'Work'!!
  3. A very disturbing clipit will inflame both sides.It is a shame that the freedom the West grants to these people to express their obscene views was bought with the blood of the people they wish to destroy.Religion has killed millions....when will this religious pissing contest stop?No one religion is any better than an other.
  4. Very well put together. I couldn't be bothered wading through the Wiki stuff; why would I? Accepting that it probably represents less than 5% of Muslims, it is still a useful wakeup call. It takes a lot less than 5% to seriously sod up your day.

    OK, it does pander to the BNP (NF?) but none of the "respectable" Parties seem ready to grasp this nettle. We, and I would include the cloggies in this, are civilised people and we have won, through hardship, a free and open society: the very society that provides sanctuary for these fanatical f**kwits. At what point do we draw the line and put aside our principles? Does not the act of resisting and combating this offend our principles? When we confront this, will there not be innocent casualties? These are all questions I ask myself and, honestly, I don't like my answers.

    I think we have acquired that Chinese curse and will be living through interesting times.
  5. But if we did not give that freedom we would be as bad as they are, that is the rub.
  6. Religion has been used as an excuse to exorcise people's hate for centuries. They don't even stop to think about it-tis easier than facing internal discontent and pain. With such souls, there is no avenue for discussion, it doesn't fall into their agenda one iota. You guys live the consequences of that out in your jobs.

    More worryingly is what is happening with us here.... the gradual erosion of our own values and structures within this country that have kept it strong is far more a threat. It's not whether we should have freedom of expression or not ( and in fact, the majority in this country don't anymore)....Point is that certain elements ( too many of them with political influnce) feel the need to browbeat the rest of us into feeling ashamed of our culture, traditions and way of life.

    I don't understand it.Can only put it down to middle-class liberals who live their lives in a theoretical bubble- never left the comfort of these shores and have no concept of real poverty or what it means to live outside the scope of 'Democracy'.

    Why are we the only European country who seems hellbent on shaming ourselves ? You won't catch the Krauts, French or Italians doing it. Their agenda for any immigrant or minority living in their quarters is clearly set out.

    This has predominantly happened during Blair's reign, looking at the political shifts since the early 90's. 'Watch This Space' re: Brown - his message has already differentiated from the previous turd who walked the Hallowed Halls of No.10.
  7. The 'Fifth Column' has been here for years and supplemented by the influx of illegals

    Remember the channel tunnel, nightly reports on TV of the incoming traffic of bodies.......people who are seeking freedom and liberty Don't cover their faces....they are more likely to be happy and smiling and want the world to see that

    It's always better to play the away matches
  8. As a libetarian I believe that the public have as much right to view such material as the peddlers of religious hatred have to publically promote their hate filled "holy" books. The Torah, Bible and Koran, which are after all similar, are books that would, were they not ascribed as being "Holy" books, have been banned in this country since the 1950s under the Obscene Publications Act for promoting assault, enslavement, rape, paedophilia and murder, to name but a few of the obscenities these books contain. Muslims are allowed, with impunity, to incite murder in this country by selectivly quoting the Hadith - just as Christians can and have done so for centuries using the Old Testament. These are a small minority - but the fact that some people of "faith" (usually men) can publically flaunt their para-criminal beliefs means that opinions THEY find unpleasant, insulting, threatening or might be construed as paracriminal, should also be allowed the same or similar exposure.

    After all, as a Mid East mystic is thought to have once said:

    Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
  9. Fine enough, but which angle gets the most exposure ? Fair enough if it was on equal terms but ain't so.
  10. the comment from live leak supports all the views expressed on this thread
  11. Afraid that the link doesnt work anymore!

    What was it about?
  12. for got to say you tube have it under the same heading
  13. Thanks will give it a try now

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