Banks unbelievable Here we go again but with OUR cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, Jul 12, 2009.

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    NATION WIDE offer 125% mortgages

    They find it quiet OK to lend someone 250k on a property worth only 200k

    Offer £9m bonuses to the boss per year

    They are broke FFS using tax payers money to stay afloat

    What does Guberment do SFA

    I moved my cash elsewhere, but frying pan fire comes to mind

    Jack McH
  2. Banks and lenders are all still hoping the ''good old days will come back--

    lend lend /spend spend pay back who cares !

    As for negative equity --thats the pitfalls of buying . Best way out is to
    stay as is and hope the housing market revives .

  3. Total lack of response

    Stick your head in the sand, it is YOUR pension pot that is gone, and your mortgage too

    Less than six months since the last time, and No one even murmurs

    Well you deserve what you get, You reap what you sow

    Jack McH

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