Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by adamant, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I could really do with some advice please. I am currently waiting to go for my RT tests to join the navy but I have some concerns about my position. A few years ago a ran a business buying and selling cars, but i got myself into financial trouble with HM revenue and customs. I now owe them about 10k and the only way I can now deal with this is to declare myself bankrupt. How will this effect my chances of a new start in the navy? I am more than willing to be open and honest about it, and I have learned a hell of a lot from my mistakes. I would be very greatful of some sound advice...many thanks
  2. read previous posts on this subject.
    Basically if you are bankrupt then the RN will not take you
  3. So, that's it then?? Is it just black and white like that without exceptions?
  4. That's often how things work in the military yes.

    It's a shame you were a tax dodging cowboy and ended up in trouble with the inland revenue, the RN has a real shortage of wheeler dealer fcukbags who run up massive debts and see bankruptcy as an easy out.
  5. You're fucked, that'll teach you not to fill in your tax return won't it?

    Bye then.
  6. nice. thanks for that
  7. Very succinctly put Monty :p
  8. C'mon Arfur, get Tel on the case he'll sort it for ya.
  9. Making assumptions about how i got into my situation is a true sign of your lack of intelligence. I, along with around forty other businesses were the victim of a fraudster who cleared out my assets, thats why I couldn't pay my tax. On further reading on the pittance that you lot earn to dress up as one of the village people and 'bunk' with other men i will be better off working in for the local bucket factory where i would earn twice as much. I'm young and I will bounce back. Screw you lot.....happy bumming sailor boys and I hope the defence review sticks it where you love it xx
  10. adamant

    Not all of us are boys.

    Listen. Go and get the best legal advice you can and try to avoid bankruptcy if possible.
  11. strange boy.
  12. take it you wont be joining then..?
    I guess the pittance we earn is probably more than the pittance you earn..hence your desire to join..

    oh well...
  13. you showed your true colours there lad!
  14. So is there a chance of a couple of quid before you fcuk off :roll:
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    With a name like adam ant, I'm pretty sure you do a roaring trade in the backstreets doing your stand & deliver routine. Do your customers pistol whip you often and does that mascara run when you cry?
  16. Its all very well you coming on and upsetting him Wits but what about my money? :roll: 8O :D
    He seemed ever so nice with real empathy towards matelots :D
  17. Wonder if he has been a victim of our old friend Rastus from Nigera, offering him large sums of cash to launder some loot? :p
  18. Fcuk off Slim uncle Rastus wouldn't do that. Honest :roll: :D
  19. it's adamant not 'adam ant' you complete spanner. Look it up in the dictonary, by the way the dictonary is a reference book that can be found in a place called a 'Book Shop' and the words are in alphabetical order . Good luck
  20. Do one fanny baws :roll:

    And if your serious about joining, go to your AFCO to find out.

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