I'm wonmdering if somebody could clear this up for me because maybe I'm a bit confused by what exactly bankruptcy entails. Am i wrong in thinking that if you run up a sh!t load of debt that you cannot pay it back, if you declare yourself bankrupt the debt is wiped clean but you can never have any sort of finance or anything again and you can't have a proper bank account? Is that true?

Also, would it be possible to go mental and run up something like a £100, 000 on credit cards and loans and sh!t and put all that money in ofshore account (ie hide it in another country), then claim you wasted the money you borrowed gambling, then declare yourself bankrupt, have your debt wiped clean, then go live in a foreign (cheap) country with your hidden wealth and live out the rest of your days in luxury by the beach with a lump sum in the bank and maybe doing a simple, untaxing foreign job (like part time sunbed attendant) to add to your wealth a bit.

Would that work?


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If you think you can live for the rest of your life on £100,000 then think again.
Even if you managed to invest it and get a return of 5%, that would only give you £5,000 per year to live on.
Better you put a few girls up the duff, or send them out on the game :oops:
Information on bankruptcy? Why not write to:

Mr Robert Ainsworth
Secretary of State for Defence
Old War Office

I am sure that he will be able to furnish you with some pertinent information. :roll:

Have a nice day
Nails you are talking a load of shit theres no easy option to debt lots of skanks think so the implications of bankruptcy too long to list visit the Office of the Official Receiver on the web.
Mental Health conditions not an excuse to obtain money by deception it is fraud don't even off dream going there
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