Bank managers 'ignored brothel'

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 11, 2007.

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  1. From the divorced and kids distancing themselves menion in the article it would appear that there is more that hasn't been reported.

    In general it rather confirms my view that prostition should be legalised and brought under legislative control and licensing.
  2. Well at least the government would be able to get it's pound of flesh in taxation. And health issues could also be more easily monitored.
  3. Hi Karma.

    Legalised and properly run and medically supervised brothels, would be a bonus to the country in many more ways than one.

    This should have happened hundreds of years ago, infact it should never have been stopped by some goodey goodey person or persons, who behind closed doors were probably more kinky than you will get in any of these houses off ill repute.[ rofl ]

    It may well be one way to help stop the attacks on innocent women and young girls.

  4. Brothels should be legalized and treated like any other business. Taxed for the public good, regulated in the interests of public health and good PR, sited on special trading estates known as Sexual Enterprise Xones, and congregated around Service establishments! :twisted: 8)
  5. They used to have them but for some reason the place was known as Rowner married quarters. :oops:

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