Bank Holiday in England compared with Scotland

Another bank holiday is nearly over. All the fun of sitting in traffic jams, weather has been atrocious and sweet FA on the box.
Should England adopt the Scottish method of holidays? Though they still have Easter, Christmas and New Year for the others instead of all having the same day off the holiday is taken over a few weeks with different towns being given different Mondays as holiday. In England it might be Bristol, Frome and Shepton Mallet one week, next week would be Bristol, Westbury and Trowbridge followed by Warminster, Salisbury and Yeovil.
This would spread the congestion over a few weeks and make life a lot easier.
Works well in Scotland could it be useful for England?
Having lived in England for 10 years or soI only ever once tried to go some where on a bank holiday, and vowed never again. They were a complete waste of time. Up here more and more organisations, except the finacial ones, are just lumping the 'bank holiday' days onto your annual entitlement and you take them when you want. I can assure you it is always better having a day off when every other b*st*rd is working.

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