Banging the bosses wife

I remember from an early age trying to get into the Spanish Bar in Guzz 74 at the tender age of 16 and the bouncer at the door saying fcuk off you little cnut you only look 11 that I could use this to my advantage.
So over the years I adapted this liittle boy lost look to seriously abuse most of my bosses wives, get the sympathy fcuk and go back for seconds on numerous occassions.
I felt superior and aloof especially the Cdrs wife a little later in my career and her saying she would give up everything just to sit on Stanleys little todger a few moments longer.
Should I feel guilty or just lie back in my scratcher and play with my little battered member remembering the glory days gone by!!!
Fuck aye what a life and the best thing was most of them wrote my 2641s and later my RORRS. Guess what its amazing what a gash shag most of your superior up your anus bosses are.
But which one of you cnuts did my missus :D


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One minute your dripping like a sceptic dik about scruffy sailors tabbing out with hands in the pockets, and the next your boasting about nailing another guys wife. Have you seen a doc about that split personality?
I came home on 57 days leave in 73 after being out the FES for twelve months. Thought I'll work for three weeks stick the pennies with my leave pay and have a glorious 5 weeks with sh1t loads of dosh.

An old school chum got me a cash in hand job driving a van delivering cheese and butters all over Lancashire.
The boss had a divs wife and I went around his drum to collect some gear one day. One thing led to another and she agreed to meet me. Started seeing her and was bonking the life out of each another.

Then the bugger sussed us and ambushed me the bastard. He kicked the living sh1t out of me and then some. Fcuk I boxed for the navy at the time but he put me away like a fcukin rabbit.
I had a fcukin awful leave.
Nice to read a good and clearly honest dit on here Rumrat.

I've shagged every woman that's breathed within 80 yards of me and all of them phone me every day.

No, it's true...
witsend said:
Guzzler said:
I hate tinternt at times.

I'm not having a pop at ratty, I'm jesting in the same vein.

It's a drink thing.
Ahhh, so you think like me, Stans a dit spinning bullshitter.
:D Oh so true wits I'm a cock it sticks out of my forehead all day but life's shite when your'e a walt as you well know :D

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