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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by carlm, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Just been listening to the Royal Marine Band, I have heard seen people talking about how great they are on here, but after just hearing them for myself they are better than i though they would be AMAZING
  2. i'm sure they rock, but the one that really blew me out of the water was the USMC silent drill team. if you can see them perform do so, you will not be disappointed.
  3. May I recommend 'The Chosin Few'. I saw 4 bands perform this live at the Albert Hall during MFM 2000. The Corps of Drums lined up around the stage in an oval shape and did a mexican wave thing with their drums sticks. They had a standing ovation.

    Another favourite is the Ashokan Farewell with solo violinist Major Perkins (alas now a civvy). He used to be the conductor of the Plymouth Band in the 1980s and had the cutest bottom ever! Although he is also a very very fine musician!
  4. I can do 'A Life On The Ocean Wave' on the Kazzoo, but do I get big ups? Oh no, them Bandies get all the glory. :party: Rock on Sticks :cheers:
  5. why is it Royal with a gun dont get on with Royal with a drum? By the way bootneck, what instrument do you play...
  6. Its not that Bandies and Bootnecks don't get on. Its the fact that their roles are completely different as is their place of basic training. Years ago the bandies used to get complimentory green berets, which used to wind Royal up, although I don't think that happens now.

    That said: They are Royal's pride. They play the music that makes you proud of what you are or once were. Undoubtedly they are some of the best military musicians in the world.

    Blood: My rib nearly cracked there. I haven't heard that one for years. I think generally the instrument bootnecks play is the 5.56 or the 7.62. Personally I preferred the 7.62 because its exit wound looks great. Mind you at school, I think I liked playing the triangle. Tiiiinnnnnggg.


  7. Saw this done at the Edinburgh Tattoo (can't remember if it was USMC or one of the other display teams ) - but simply fantastic !
    Those bayonets looked wickedly sharp, are they ?
    I believe the RAF do something similar these days too.
  8. ooo Whitemouse, its the RAF Regiment I believe. They have a special parade ground and you are not allowed to even walk on it!

    I remember staying at Uxbridge for MFM and the PO Stoker driving across the said parade ground. Some crab went into orbit, yelling at him for driving across his parade ground etc etc!

    PO Stoker shrugged his shoulders and said something along the lines of 'Royal Navy mate, we use our parade grounds as car parks'. Said crab turned puce and we felt it prudent to drive away smartish!
  9. yep, Queens Colour Squadron RAF.
  10. Nice one :thumright:

    But a crab is a crab is a crab as they say... ^~

    I could never undersatnd why their trousers are so short though....perhaps they don't want to scuff the shine :scratch:


    But the Bandies still rock.... :thumright:
  11. I have recently been turning out my loft. Boxes of old "home-made" videos (recorded from TV) included three "Beat Retreat" on Horseguards Parade by the Royal Marines massed bands. Epic stuff to watch, and unbeatable musicianship. I've now transferred them all to DVD and can watch them at my leisure. Comparing the 1988 (7 bands all male) to the 1999 (5 bands including a few girls) and 2006 (5 bands, more than a third female), the music remains at the same high standard, but a little of the "snap" has gone from the marching. Can't really blame the ladies, they're not really equipped to march like men.
    If my memory serves me correctly, the drill manual used to say something like "WRNS will march as their carriage will allow"!
    I'm sure Onions will correct me if I am wrong!


    I am not a bandie but I march as smartly as the next man.

    Cheeky little vark!
  13. Sorry Rosie, but for purely biological reasons wimmin have a different hip layout from men, which precludes them from marching in the same way.
    At no time did I say that WRNS, or any other servicewomen, could not march smartly. When I used to instruct at Raleigh I was always well impressed by the effort put in by the girls (in their skirts and stockings and smart WRNS caps), but they were an all female squad and marched in a feminine manner, as per my quote from the drill book.
    My comment stated that, a little of the "snap" had gone from the marching. Simple statement of fact - not a castigation of the fair sex or their marching ability.
    Just watch any couple walking in step, they move in entirely different ways, and it is most obvious from the rear!

    Just my opinion.

  14. Plainly stated i played the Kazzoo, can back it up with Comb and Toilet Paper (old style stuff, not new Pink and fluffy :tp: ) if necessary.
    I've, in reality, (don't often go there too scary) nothing but respect for Bandies, they do a hard job very well and having marched behind them on a few occasions made mine a lot easier.
  15. Any Marine of any Nationality>RAF
  16. By far the best
  17. Jars, the Queens Colour Squadron of the RAF Regiment, are a dedicated drill display team that rock apes can be drafted to, its all they do so obviously they're not bad. However any Marine (Even Dutch ones :dwarf: ) could shit on them after a couple of weeks practice, our rig is just so much better, got to be the right shade of blue :thumright: .
  18. Agree with the above, RM Bands are the finest military bands in the world, even eclipsing HMS Sultan's Volunteer Band 87-89 o_O
  19. Saw it at the Tattoo also, and the Crab one. The reality is there are quite a few such teams around the world and most of them get invited to Edinburgh.

    Whilst any RM band is excellent there can be little to beat the massed pipes and drums at the Tattoo, that is not only spectacular to see but wonderfull to hear.
  20. Seen them also - I'm not a Jock (though I do have relatives there) and the pipes & drums are 'awesome' to watch and listen to ( a fave word of my OH at the moment - she'e into US style programmes.....)


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