Bananas in pyjamas

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by eyes_right, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. after watching an episode of this iconic children's TV show on youtube with the wife (Oh yeah we know how to have a good time :afro: ) I have a number of questions, and I believe I am entitled to an answer.

    1. The two bananas live together in a house. they are both men, and they obviously spend a lot of time in bed as the both wear pyjamas. Are they gay? I wouldn't care, what consenting fruit get up to in their own home is their own business but perhaps they should come out of the closet.

    2. The bananas do not appear to have jobs so how do they keep up the rent/mortgage repayment on said house?

    3. The teddy bears in the program are living, does that not make them just bears?

    4. How big are these f*!king bananas to be bigger than bears!?

    5. Why am I still watching this despite not being aged 4 any more?
  2. B1 and B2 are coming down the stair :dwarf:
  3. Bananas are gendered. The male gendered banana is yellow all over and ripe for sex all the time (like Janner). The female banana is by contrast green and virgin (like Rosie). Only after copious amounts of sex does she turn yellow and thus become a Man. Like baby sailors really! :biggrin:
  4. Do they both have four skins? (play on words)
  5. It's fairly obvious that the bananas are not straight matelots. If they were they would not be wearing pyjamas but just their nicks. Now it is possible that they just may be gay, due to the fact that in the old days pyjamas were know as Brown Hatters overalls.
    Now in modern Britain it is not mandatory to be required to have a job to be have a house, we have a wonderful welfare system which rewards those who will not work.
    So it looks like we have a couple of gay ethnic minorities (bananas are yellow skinned) enjoying the proceeds of modern British life.
    As for the teddy bears, they are possibly illegal immigrants and will also be welcome in our modern welfare driven society.
  6. Pah, I always preferred Rainbow.

  7. I used to fancy Jenny WoodenTop when I was a kid :thumright:
  8. Weirdo.
    Now, Wilma Flintstone. There's a hotty.
  9. I did have leanings towarded Fifi when I was skin, but she kept flirting with Hector, before a sex obsessed Mary Whitehouse saw Hector's House, and the BBC pulled it. I've never been normal since.
  10. Leela from Futurama does it for me! :w00t:
  11. and bring Betty Rubble and I'll enjoy that FMF
  12. Being that they are unemployed, due to physical problems, they are claiming unemployment and welfare benefi, the teddy bears are their carers.

    The local council are also paying for their rent, therefore, making them lazy feckers, living off the state.
  13. But Jenny, Teds need carers after years of abuse in the hands of children/sailors/girlfriends. After years of domestic abuse they are battered, torn, psychologically damaged and many are severely disabled requiring lifelong care in a warm, loving environment. To abandon them would see them wandering the streets and ending up in prison, or committing humanicide.
  14. They've always got jesters!
  15. Teds are ok.its bloody Rockers I dont like :thumright:
  16. True, I cut the head off mine. The pity is I was 26 at the time o_O
  17. Murderer! I'm going to tell on you. :threaten:

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