Bali's shite ... so where else to go

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Well this year Er Indoors hits the big 6.0! Discussions have now started as to how best to celebrate this monumentous event by going on holiday! Now Er Indoors mentioned Bali as a possible vacation however since reading a few coments in another thread about the place I reckon that can be scratched so the hunt is on for a suitable venue! Thoughts??????????????????
  2. can always swap her for a younger model if she starts whinging.
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  3. Snap! We both hit v6.0 this year and the current tenuous plan is to (re for me!) visit Hong Kong, Bangkok and then some resort time so I can go diving. She keeps trying to get me to go on a cruise, but I had too many years of staring at an horizon, plus I know how all the rip off tour operators and taxi drivers function!
  4. MGM

    If you cast your mind back to previous holidays, can you think of trips which your wife particularly seemed to enjoy?

    Some women like city trips, like New York, where they can shop; others like beach club type places where they can bronze on the beach and sip cocktails; another possibility is somewhere with a lot of history where you can discover a lot you didn't know.

    When you think back, what kind of holiday has your wife enjoyed in the past? Perhaps base your choice on that and find somewhere which she will like especially, as this is a special birthday.
  5. MG I would opt for Sri Lanka been twice beautiful and cheap all inclusive or D B&B we stayed in a place called Unawantunna surf and diving are excellent check it out on Trip Advisor or the Lonely planet guide. Taking the missus to Kenya for her 50th this year going to try and avoid the Sunshine and Florida bars
  6. Thailand was my late Mrs favorite, esp patong beach Phuket.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Have a flick through this mate.

  8. Cruises are good value, we are off later this month £700 each for 14 days on a P&O ship, couple of places in France, Italy, Spain and Gib, in basically a 5 star hotel, Kuoni do some good deals to the fez, we had a week in Bangkok a week in Pattaya, 5 days in Hong Kong and 5 days in Kowloon with them, I think most places are pretty much of a muchness except for the fez, as sol says what does she want to do on her hols.
  9. I hear Tamworth is nice, lots of places to eat
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  10. You be carefull Stan. It's a bit rough at Mombasa beach. Had our bus hijacked on the way back to the airport.
    Luck we did not have our cases nicked but others did.

  11. I'll echo this, Sri Lanka is brilliant in every way. Went there in December and it exceeded all my expectations. Cheap, friendly, beautiful and interesting. (Like me).
    The place has everything, remote beaches, safaris, culture, boutique hotels, diving, great food, walking, shopping, etc. It's every type of holiday wrapped into one place.
    Go for at least a couple of weeks as there is so much to see and do.
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  12. Fell in with a couple of yanks on one cruise to the carib, they were keen divers, planned ahead and when we hit shore transport took them ( with hired gear) to places to dive
  13. Well, one out of 4 aint bad
  14. Have you thought about a holiday in Devonport?
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  15. Have you thought about the Maldives Islands they are paradise on earth, hurry now before they disappear under the ogin, seriously though they are truly wonderful and Mrs MG will love it if your into that sort of holiday. Take the sea plane to your chosen atol, take a camcorder as its worth filming as you fly over them, then relax on some of the most glorious beaches found.

    0g1n Maldives tourist board:thumbright:
  16. The Maldives are cool but my God they can get boring fairly quickly if you're not into just sleeping on a beach. I'd definitely consider a twin centre between Sri Lanka and the Maldives to break it up though if I head in that direction again.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you have missed the point here Sol. Its not where she wants to go, its where he wants to go and can convince her that she will probably like it.
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  18. Little Story about Saga Cruises. I have a mate who used to be a Cruise Director and he got hired by Saga for the maiden voyage of Saga Rose ... just a short little shakdown cruise from Southampton to Rotterdam and back ... well Saga filled it with a load of crumblies and off they set ... straight into one of those nasty storms that beset the English Channel ... glasses/food/zimmer frames were flying around everywhere (what happened to secure for sea???). Fearing that someone was going to go over the side in a wheelchair and sue they decided that perhaps it was best that the old fogies went to their cabin as they were a liability in the saloon ... so everyone trooped down to their cabins only to all come back 5 minutes later ... Saga had bought a load of beds to kit out the cabins .... only they forgot to take the casters off the damn things and tie 'em down!
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  19. Well ... you seem to have Mrs MG "off pat" Sol ... are you a family friend???????????? She likes all of them!
  20. Try the annual R.N.M.B. and S.B.S. Association meeting in Southsea in April. Good cocktail Bar, plenty of old friends and not so far for Mrs MGM to carry you home and not as expensive as the Maldives, Med. Cruises, etc.

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