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I'm a husband, and a father of 2. I am 25 years old. I'm now in a position where I'm able to apply for the reserves and so after getting the support from my wife I decided it's finally time to pull my finger out and get in touch with my afco. I'm now booked into a careers presentation in July.
I was just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation to me on here (juggling working shifts full time/kids/exercising and marrge) and if so how they balance their family time around work and phys as well as the actual rnr phase 1 training?
I'm hoping to get some useful info in July but being 2 months away thought I'd ask on here.

So, anyone currently in phase 1 rnr how d o you balance your job, phys and the rnr training.
Parents, how do you balance your jobs, rnr training, family and phys?
The first 18 months tends to be a bit more demanding than thereafter. Providing you can set aside 2 out of 4 of the drill evenings per month, and about one weekend a month, you will probably have no difficulty.
It very soon becomes a pattern of life and you fit everything in as if you always have.

Good luck


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Best advice ever given to me was 'triage' - if in doubt, family always come first, then the job that pays the bills and mortgage, and finally the RNR/Reserve Forces. Its not to do it down, but never forget that you need the engaged and willing support of first two to make the best success of the third.

Good luck!
Am I understanding it correctly then that I must attend 4 training sessions a month, and weekend training is also a possibility? Did it take 18 months to pass phase 1 and speciality training then?
How do you fit in phys around work and training and family too? At the moment I'm exercising when my kids are in bed and after work but that'd about 1pm :/ need a better structure in place for phys so any suggestions would be welcome.


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weekend training is a core part of the Reserve experience - it would involve 2 nights away - the first year has a higher number of weekends away, then after a while it drops to about 4-6 per year.
I'm in the same position as you are at the moment with 2 kids job etc and working shifts the fitness is hard but you just find time I'm afraid I'm training ingredients at 3:30am one week the 1am the next it's just one of them things you have to do it if you want it you will do it.
You should find the the "New Entry" department at your unit is very flexible. Without doubt, attending every week at the drill night, and the 4 weekends you need to attend before the 2 weeks at HMS RALEIGH, will get you through very quickly. The aim is to complete within 18months. HOWEVER, not everyone can commit to that tempo, and providing you average 2 (poss 1.5) evenings a month, and 1 weekend every other month (or so), you will crack it no problem.
As for phys, think about how you can modify your daily routine (lunch time 30min run 3 times a week?) maybe an hour over the weekend? Perhaps a few 30 mins each week in the evening?
Bottom line for phys is that it is more often your attitude to keep at it, not your physical state that gets you through.

As for worries about committing enough time, despite what some might say, and what you think, you will not REALLY know until you try. How people say later in life "I thought about doing ........ But was put off by xyz" have a crack, enjoy it, and find out for yourself.


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Remember that the RNR would far rather have you in and take a little longer to get through New Entry than not have you join at all. Those that are still in school, teachers and police officers are all examples of people who tend to taker longer to get through and aren't discouraged from applying because of it.
I work a shift pattern of 0600-1400/1400-2200. I've swapped catching the bus in for cycling and who it giving too much away in regards to persec, I now cycle just under 10 mikes a day through cornish hilly country roads. I've got insanity to be smashing through at 2230 and 1900 when the kids are in bed, then my plan for what it's worth is brush up on some swimming lessons because I am just shite and in need of instruction, crank up the running and upper body strength. I have a prmc book on fitness which takes you from week 1 running 3 miles to week 32 running 30 miles smashing out 40 pull ups etc. not saying I want to be an rmr because they are fookin nails but the idea is to get fit as an rm recruit.


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I don't want you doing Phys because you have a fitness test. I want you doing some Phys to keep a good weight, good vascular function, great sex life and all the other benefits you would enjoy so your kids, who you obviously love very much, get to see you for longer. Military fitness will drop out of that. :)
lol I'm 25 working full time with 2 kids under the age of 2. Not sure how much sex one in my position could get. By the time kids are asleep Mrs Snowdaddy and I are about ready to collapse!


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lol I'm 25 working full time with 2 kids under the age of 2. Not sure how much sex one in my position could get. By the time kids are asleep Mrs Snowdaddy and I are about ready to collapse!
As a colleague in a similar situation once said to me, 'Unusual times and unusual places, Trainer'.:rolleyes:

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