Baker Review of MPs Pay published

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Aaah!

    A report on the whys and wherefores from one of the old school tie brigade ??

    But the poor mites have so much to pay out, along with their heavy workload, sons/wife/bird or bloke on the side/tv licence/sat dish etc, maybe there is an argument ( :pukel: ) of some sort - I mean food and drink and petrol (all paid for by the taxpayer) is sooo expensive for them these days aren't they ?

    On a more serious view - perhaps the salary review should be taken from these 'honourable' persons, and put into the hands of the public, maybe along the lines of '12 good men and true' ?.

    But, of course this will never happen, because of the ingrained contempt that these 'honourable' people have for the electorate ..... perhaps a complete rehash of parliament is probably what is needed ---- any chance we can dig up The Lord Protector and feed him some monkey glands to wake him up and sort it out again ?

    And I was watching 'V' the other night on Sky -- hmmmm !!??

  2. The Thing (Big)

    Are the poor mites on PAYE or do they consider themselves as self employed contractors to the Tax Payer/Crown. If so how do they justify that.

    Your research project for Wednesday

  3. They are self employed!!!

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