Bailiffs' New Powers To Grab Goods

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. So much for democracy!!
  2. This is not an entirely new concept. The law may have changed over the last few years but a Water Bailiff, in my neck of Scotland at least, could enter a private property with out a warrant whereas a Policeman had to be invited in.

  3. I think that for too long the law has been just too much on the side of the debtor, probably due to the fact that when much of the law was written most debtors were of the ruling classes rather than the working classes. This though does seem to over correct.

    The balance between protecting the creditor and protecting the debtor is a delicate one and it would appear at first look as if like much of our current legislation, this has failed to find the sensible middle ground.
  4. Though I believe that most people end up in debt mainly because of their inability to control their finances, I also believe that banks and other financial institutions have not been playing fair. For too many new credit cards have been too easily obtained. We have had computerised exchange of information for long enough now for institutions to know the state of their customers finances. Why then still issue new credit cards to those already substantially in debt?
    Time for the banks to admit that they have got it wrong in far too many cases
  5. I think you will find banks make far less use of Bailif services than other organisations such as councils and lower level credit providers. Banks are often quite willing to do a deal on debt which involves them writing of some ot the debt, yourlocal friendly concil on the other hand waits until things have got out of hand then calls in the bailifs without trying to reach some form of agreement.

    Banks do allow for bad debt and structure their business accordingly, many others use the bailifs as frighteners to keep the majority in line.
  6. They are normaly full of hot air in my experience. My ex skipped the country leaving some debt and I have had all kinds of threats to my property but when I ring them up and tell them I don't know where she went they just apologise and say theu won't send letters anymore. Then they do.
    One of her debts went from the credit card company to 3 seperate recovery agents, one said they would send bailiffs, I'd like to see that, they have got 2 hopes.

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