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  1. Girl & her boyfriend go to the pub.
    When it's the girl's turn to buy a round,
    she tells him that she's heard of a wonderful new drink he simply must try.
    She returns with the usual half of lager for herself.
    For him, she has two glasses.
    One contains a measure of Bailey's, the other lime juice.
    Instructions: "OK, what you gotta do is, you gotta swig the Bailey's,
    hold it in your mouth, and then drink the lime juice."
    He looks a bit dubious,
    but she's very enthusiastic so he decides to give it a go.
    First the Bailey's; lovely smooth, creamy, warm feeling in the mouth.
    Then he takes the lime juice.
    T + 0.1 secs: The cream in the Bailey's curdles.
    T + 0.3 secs: Boyfriend's face turns the colour of fresh lime juice.
    T + 0.6 secs: Boyfriend calms his stomach & swallows the gunge.
    T + 1.5 secs: Boyfriend says "This taste like crap. What's it called?"
    She replies "Blowjob revenge"

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