Bahrain, a catalyst for middle east troubles?


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Today 1000(est) Saudi troops crossed the causeway from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain at the request of the King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. This was a formal request to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for assistance in trying to quash the Shiite uprising in Bahrain. As it stands the Shiite population account for 70% of the overall population.

The Shia majority countries are Iran, Iraq and Bahrain. The Sunni's mostly reside in Saudi, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Iran has always claimed that Bahrain is their own. Its strategic importance is imperative to world economics, as oil tankers carry 16.5 to 17 million barrels of crude oil through the Persian Gulf on an average each day.

So if Iran were to poke their nose in and rebuff the Saudi assistance, Bahrain could be an excuse for Iran to cause trouble for the world.

Saudi Intervention in Bahrain | STRATFOR
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I think Nostradamus predicted global war and destruction emanating from the Middle East, hope he got it wrong


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We are obliged to digger84 for keeping us abreast of matters in Bahrain.With the world's media being focussed on Japan at present it is easy to miss the significence of the goings on in the Middle East.Iran is a loose canon amnd now that the west has very kindly swept aside their chief rival in the area (Sadam) they are free to cause as much havoc as they see fit.


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Surely the only question we can ask, given the state our much diminished armed forces, is "do we fill up our cars with petrol now at £1.40p litre. Or wait to see if next weeks buget makes it cheaper to fill up the tank?

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