Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 21_Man, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Sad loss

    They don't make them as good as those anymore. Some of my favourite kids programmes when I was younger
  2. Ahem, I have the entire collection on DVD
  3. I have the complete collection of Four Feather Falls.(Now thats old)
  4. Remember the final line

    And when Bagpuss went to sleep all the WE's went to sleep.
  5. I loved bagpuss when I was younger :(

    Also, did you know he was meant to be marmalde and white? The puppet maker screwed up with the dyes.
  6. The Clangers for me and the great 'soup dragon'
  7. Chorton and the wheelies and Jamie and the magic torch for me. Although Bagpuss et al were also fantastic!!
  8. Sorry :whew: Got to be the Magic Roundabout. TV room full at 1700hrs :thumright: Eric Thompson what a voice. "Time for bed , says Zeeberde, and we all agreed" :thumright:
  9. He will be sadly missed. The only good thing was being reminded of them all on the BBC news today.

  10. I have all the Clangers progs on DVD. Innocent days and the Soup Dragon made such lovely soup too! :razz:

    I don't remember Bagpuss, but now I know it's on DVD......... :thumright:
  11. My mother sent a boxed set, Bagpuss, Ivor and the Clangers down for my daughter when she was 4. She loved Bagpuss and the Clangers but hated the Welsh Bastas, I've trained her well!!

    Only joking, I was gutted she wouldn't even watch one episode of Ivor, so I had to wait until she and the Missus ("You're not watching Kids programmes when Corros on!!" Heathen.) had gone to bed.
  12. Chaps! Noggin the Nog, surely!!
  13. Please check the title of the DVD Lammers, it could be that copy of Bags of Pussy you borrowed. :w00t:
  14. As long as it isn't the copy of "BaggyPuss", I'm sure you got that one back!!
  15. Noggin the Nog was a perv - he was always trying to make dragons come
  16. I'm shocked. I thought the innocent Clangers were so isolated that navalmatelotspeak has not permeated their planet. And Mummy Clangers language! o_O
  17. Ah... Bag puss and friends, second only to "Fred Quimby`s " Tom and Jerry, the greatest film shows in the Andrew......

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