Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by duggers20, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi all I'm joining HMS Iron Duke in 3 weeks time, just need some advice on how many bags I should take on board?
  2. Where are you currently? Do you have a div senior rate or DO?
  3. Are you joining it in UK or foreign?
  4. Hi,

    You need to take with you the kit relevent to the job you are doing and where your ship is going. You should take a few changes of civvies, but not too much as the stowage space is limited.

    As people have said it depends where you are joining and where the ship is. ie if the ship is away then you need the kit for the climate you are in. If it's alongside in Pompey and not sailing in the near future, you will be able to go home and pick up extra stuff.


  5. Hey I'm joining Iron Duke in Pompey but sail the day after to the Carribean for 6 months to do disater relief just trying to sort out what i dont need like combat boots PT kit etc
  6. Kitbag and Hammock in my day mate.
  7. Is it an all female crew??
  8. Strewth we used to have to take it all as we didn't know where we were going
    1 kitbag 1 steaming bag 1 Atb 1 suitcase naval issue
  9. As far as i know its all male.
  10. Don't bother mate, just leave her at home like the rest of us did....
  11. And mine plus the little brown suitcase.
  12. you didn't happen to be an RP did you ??? :roll:

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