Bag packed, getting nervous

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stealthmode, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to travel to Raleigh on sunday... getting really nervous now, and I'm not a nervous person! packed my bag today, checked it over and over again against the kit list I got given so I'm sure its all there, heres what i've got:

    • Nail clippers x2 (large and small)
    • Nail file x1
    • Tweezers x1
    • Nail scissors x1
    • Nail brush x1
    • Soap dish x1
    • Soap x3
    • Moisturiser x2
    • Shaving foam x2
    • Razor x1
    • Razor blades x8
    • Toothpaste x2
    • Toothbrush x1
    • Mouthwash x2
    • Exfoliating facial wipes x2
    • Cotton buds x200
    • Shoe polish x4 (2 black, 2 parade gloss)
    • Kiwi Quick shine sponge x1
    • Shoe polishing brushes x1 pair
    • Yellow dusters x4
    • Microfibre polishing cloth x1
    • Sewing kit plus extra thread x1
    • Clothes brush x2 (traditional bristle and “dog hair remover†style)
    • Scrubbing brush x2 (one large, one small with integral soap dispenser)
    • Hand clothes washing liquid x2
    • Vanish stain removal bar x1
    • Towels x4 (3 large, one hand towel)
    • Face cloth x2
    • Sun cream factor 30 x1
    • 750ml drinking bottle x1 (I couldn’t find a 1litre bottle)
    • Lockable small security box x1
    • Padlock and keys x2 (medium size)
    • Iron in name tags x24
    • Permanent marker x4
    • Pyjamas x2
    • Swimming shorts x1
    • Flip flops x1
    • Pens (1 box)
    • Envelopes x50
    • A4 note pad x1
    • Iron x1
    • Pressing cloth x1
    • Spray bottle (empty febreeze bottle) x1
    • White sports socks x3 pairs
    • Black civvy socks x3 pairs
    • White trainer socks x3 pairs
    • Briefs x4
    • Boxers x7
    • Smart civvy trainers x1
    • Running shoes x1
    • Tracksuit x1
    • Civvy jeans x1 (another pair to be worn while traveling)
    • Civvy t-shirt x2 (another to be worn while traveling)
    • Civvy jacket x1
    • Coat hangers x8
    • Passport
    • Train ticket
    • Fitness programme x1
    • A4 piece of card for folding clothes x1
    • Birth certificate
    • Educational certificates
    • P60
    • NI number (lost my card but know the number)
    • Bank account details

    the doctors don't have any record of my vaccinations so it looks like i'm getting them all again.

    have I forgotten anything?
  2. Cotton wool Balls!For bulling your boots!I assume with all the cosmetics you are of the female persuasion?
  3. Congratulations, enjoy your training. Well you may not at the time, however when you look back after a couple of years you will have some laughs. Being nervous is normal, anyone who claims not to be is either lying or just doesn't give a toss.
  4. have I forgotten anything?

    Ahhh your mind?? Good luck Stealthmode. Pinta x
  5. good luck - but ............. no comment hun- good luck
  6. cheers for the cotton wool balls tip, i'll pick some up tomorrow...

    and no, I'm not a woman, i'm a bloke I just dont want to get dry skin or spots...
  7. Big black marker pen, and write your name on EVERYTHING (even civvie kit / brushes and so on).

    I fact buy two marker pens, so you can write your name on the marker pens.

    Don't take your favourite dog porn - you don't get it back.

    S.O.H. and common sense (I forgot mine).

    Good luck!
  8. You're too intelliigent to join that bunch of cretins. If you proceed you will regret it
  9. I think if YOU proceed YOU will regret it!!
  10. When it come to wash things, I took:

    Shower gel
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth paste
    Razor and spare blades

    Don't think I would have had enough time to have anything more exotic. I guess that must be the luxury of have 8 weeks rather than cramming it into 2!

    Some guys took "lint rollers" for getting fluff off you Woolie Pully etc, I was a cheap-skate and took a roll of cellotape instead.

    Good luck at Raleigh, I think you will in fact enjoy it.
  11. Not another name change Norman
  12. Best of Luck mate, Can't wait to get my start date and i haven't even had my interview, I'm hoping to get the guestimate date tomorrow in the interview but don't think i will. :( Good Luck and Enjoy it.

    P.S what you going in for?
  13. What am I going in for? - because I dont want to work at a bank for the rest of my life

    if you meant what am I going in as, the answer is ET(ME) S/M

  14. Bad behaviour?? Good behaviour??? Depends on what the judge comes up with!!! :biggrin:
  15. I'm thinking msg myself - get you a beer if it's Normsky :thumright:

    Edit: Reading his other posts - looks like I owe you a beer :dwarf:
  16. You forgot the bottle opener!!

  17. Kitchen sink, fridge, tumble drier, microwave, dishwasher....???? :whew:
  18. Please, please, please tell me that you're not taking moisturiser and facial wipes. If you are taking them, make sure you don't forget your Tampax. :eek:mfg:
  19. Yea, Sorry i did mean "as" not "for", Well once again good luck.
  20. oh, come on it's 2007, it's perfectly normal for a 22yr old man to use moisturiser!
    I'm not going to be getting stuck into any wrens if I've got spots and flaky skin now am I?

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