BAE Virtual Boat (HMS ONYX)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. And? Did you answer ALL the questions?
    Glad and nice to know Onyx had four engines shame Otter didn't!! Or perhaps she did but were stowed in the snake pit as spares!!
    Christ if they are going to make silly web sites get it bleeding write or even right!!
  2. Out of interest how many engines did it have ?
    I found this specification but have no way of knowing it it is correct or not. It does suggest four engines though.

    Propulsion: 2 × 3,680 hp Admiralty Standard Range V16 diesels
    2 × 3,000 hp electric motors, diesel-electric
    2 shafts

    Not trying to be a clever dickie here, genuinly interested.(and a tad bored)
  3. 2 outboards under the casing?
  4. The TWO diesel engines were used to charge the batteries.Two electric motors were used to turn the shafts i.e.the propulsion.There was no mechanical connection between the motors and the engines on an "O" boat
  5. Correct! (Nor on a "P" boat) The generators which provided the power to charge the batteries were clagged onto the engines, and the power to turn the main motors came straight from the batteries.
  6. Having had a quick look the whole thing seems to have been written by a numpty, the Catains "mess" is aft of the engine room, and there is an operations roon but no control room.
  7. Maxi I see they had a Scotish Operations Roon

  8. It's a pity that British Aerospace Engineering Systems don't stick to, err, um; aerospace. They'd seem to rather do anything these days but build flying machines.
  9. The Roons were those things the skipper threw on the chart table to work out the firing solution when the fruit machine was playing up again.

    ps they shouldn't put the m and n so close on the keyboard, especially early in the morning

    pps, edited because there seems to be a total disconnect between brain and fingers today

  10. They were only V16's at the start of a patrol…

    …usually nearer a V12 by the end.
  11. I emailed the HR department muppet at BAE Systems and suggested the next time they put something like this on the t'internet that they check facts and descriptions.
    Nedless to say he didn't respond!
  12. So, Bae systems apparently couldn't find a submariner to check the terminology used in the dit. A bit poor really IMO. :toilet:
  13. Probably never get one either, firstly HR only act as go betweens, they don't actually select employees, and any way it is a contracted out facility so not even Messy Beast employees.

    Now if you had a go at the PR people that might only might have some impact.
  14. There are some pretty basic mistakes in there which might not be picked up by someone with no knowledge of maritime nomenclature: though she might simply suffer from severe dyslexia. I too have emailed Ms Swallow and suggested she contact the Submariners Association. Perhaps my magic email address will elicit a response. :thumright: I'm not going to hold my breath though.... :lol:

  15. How many crates can you stow in the after tubes
  16. As many as you used to be able to, I don't think the tubes have shrunk
  17. None

    When I was aboard the Onyx on the 9th August 2008 the stern tubes had been removed and even at the speed BAE work I doubt if they have been replaced.

    BAE had the complete Barrow SA Branch membership to consult who are the actual managers and appointed guardians of Onyx by her owner. They obviously saw fit to ignore the Branch. She is in the BAE yard South Basin I think it is called, opposite Morrison's if you know the area, awaiting the removal of her battery which is to be sold for scrap.

    Barrow Th Aug. 2008 HMS/m Onyx


    ask the Barrow Branch SA they will have all the correct facts.


    PS am not sure of the exact ownership but she was purchased by a North East Businessman by paying off her debts to the Dock owners in Birkenhead.

    Then towed to Barrow where the Owners appointed persons, not BAE, are trying to get her ready for display. Plymouth and Bennington were still at Birkenhead awaiting a benefactor to rescue them.
  18. I think you mean the Bronnington,HRH Prince Charles old ship.

    I am may be wrong and stand corrected if I am.(If I'm right mines a pint)
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think thats Bronington :dwarf:

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