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BAE in several corruption probes


War Hero
Once again the shout of corruption is heard. Unfortunately many of the countries that BAe has to deal with expect to have the wheels of commerce oiled. If BAe refuses to deal with these countries then there are many of our European partners who will. About time we had a level playing field and accepted that these bribes are just selling incentives which keep our workforce out of the dole queues


War Hero
I sort of agree with you on this Slim, but I also believe it's a tricky one. In an ideal world the National Interest and the Law would be the same thing, unfortunately it would appear that in the BAe-Saudi affair this was not to be the case, which is sad! However the Governments' job has to ultimately be to protect the National Interest. These new investigations, one hopes, will not bring about any conflict and the truth will prevail in accordance with the Law. I have a fear however that a precedent has been set!


War Hero
In an ideal world Chief there would be no need for backhanders etc. However we live and work in the real world and until there is a way to ensure that all countries play by the same rules the UK will lose foreign orders. The same people shouting about corruption are shouting about job losses and unemployment.
slim said:
In an ideal world Chief there would be no need for backhanders etc. However we live and work in the real world and until there is a way to ensure that all countries play by the same rules the UK will lose foreign orders. The same people shouting about corruption are shouting about job losses and unemployment.

So because its not an ideal world, we can use terrorism, drugs, child porn, torture, murder, blackmail, rape what ever. It matters not whether it is legal or not provided it keeps people in work and make a profit for the City of London.

Slim, your morally bankrupt.


PS Please do not tell me there are shades of dishonesty I heard that to often in Court.


War Hero
Nutty, there is certainly the risk of that isn't there?

I think that you are absolutely right, the Law is the Law is the Law! The minute a Nation which proclaims itself a just and civil society closes it's eyes to justice we open the flood gates. But................... what if the Saudi investigation actually did threaten our National security as was claimed, it really does become very unclear, I don't like it and I have no idea how we should combat it, it truly is catch 22.


War Hero
Morally bankrupt or not I would prefer that business was carried out in an open forum. Unfortunately other European countries for years have been undermining our economy by dirty dealing. So what is the solution? We can stay lillywhite and not get the orders or grease a few palms and get them. Drug trafficking and the other crimes you mention do not even enter the equation in arms deals. It is more likely to be a new car or two. So Mr ex plod you can carry on living in a world where your government paid pension eventually dries up or accept that these dealings do go on and the proceeds benefit the citizens of the country. Perhaps you would like to take a stand against all this corruption and return that part of your pension which is paid from tax on exports which have been achieved by stealth.


War Hero
I reluctantly agree that backhanders are a fact of life in some parts of the world. What is it the HMG and in particular the MoD are always telling us to do? Respect Diversity.

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