BAE and free bikes to children with deployed parents...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stumpy, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Quote:"If BAE is to grow in the US market in the way it wants to, it is important it is seen as a good corporate citizen - something Mr Ronald and his successor set a great deal of store by. Hence the company's annual Christmas donation of bikes to the children of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and its contributions to the tsunami and Katrina appeals."

    The Indy has an interestnig article of the future of Big And Expensive (ooops I meant BAE) in the USA. But what struck me is that it seems to give free bikes to the children of deplpyed US service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Great, I have no problem with that...but do they do the same to the children of British personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan...? I am not aware they do, but I hope someone will post a reply saying that they do. Remember the B in BAE stands for British.
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    But there's no room for growth in the UK defence market and by selling their civil aviation interests, MessyBeast has already indicated that defence is where they're focusing their business interests. It possibly also telling that in the UK the opinion of the public counts for little - what value (to Big & Expensive) would they gain by spening large amounts of money on the UK? Sorry to say, BAE is run by accountants solely to maximise shareholder gain; the "B" in the name is as meaningless to them as fiscal prudence is to Gordon Brown and the truth is to Tony Bliar!
  3. In reply Big and Expensive sent Christmas Boxes out to the troops in the ME.....didn't get in the press;I wonder why?Not a very high value present,but at least a gift at Christmas.

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