Badgers and Flight Deck Machinery.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by sardeeps, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. Any 'Badgers' out there, or is there a 'Stokers Net'!? I'm trying to re-discover stuff I should remember about Flight Deck Machinery: How long were Ark Royal's catapults (103'?) before her modernisation and conversion 1965-'70? How long were Centaur and Hermes (103'?) (pre Port cat lengthening for Buccaneers) cats? What was the diameter of the two parallel catapult slotted steam powered cylinders? I think all the 1960's carriers had one version or another of the BS4 Catapult? Was the power cartridge for WW2 big ship Seaplane cats a 6" Shell propellant cartridge? Did the emergency barrier have it's own arresting engine, or was it connected to No 4 Wire? I've crawled all over the web and printed off dozens of relevant pages. It is very difficult to pin down some of these facts exactly. Any help would be greatly appreciated: thanks lads.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not a badger, closest I got was SMAC 233/Air 219, but I'm fascinated why you are interested with such detail - you're not planning on building a new one are you? Writing a book, perhaps?
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    When the National Maritime Museum was setting up its "Brass Foundry" archive site at the old Woolwich Arsenal site it had the opportunity to take ALL the drawings (NOT manuals, handbooks, etc...) for one ship and chose HMS Eagle (!) So, if you want to build a replica catapult system , just pop along and have a look (several hundred feet of shelving).

  4. Thanks for your interest Ninja_Stoker. SMAC Courses were legion and I am only able to remember a few SMAC titles: SMAC 9, SMAC 35A and 37 were popular!? and well-known. Was/is? SMAC 233 the Junior Officers and pre-Aircrew course, also presume Air 219 was your course Number? You may be amazed to learn that I am unable to find a complete SMAC list online and I'm not going to spend too much time looking! Don't know if they even exist anymore? Might consider building a new carrier myself however, I'm on a fixed income nowadays and a quick word from Air Marshal Stirrup would probably have it scrapped within a month anyway! I'm writing a book and now the chronological bit is at 1960, when I first went to sea slinging a hammock aboard the last-but-one Ark Royal, I thought I'd try to give a reasonably full description of how a (Brit) Flight Deck and its machinery operated. Nobody else seems to have done so yet and as the book proceeds I don't want to have to suddenly explain what 'Fly 3' etc is, every time I mention Flight Deck odds and ends. Can you help with any info? The stuff about catapults is to largely give some historical background and I want to get it right, before all first-hand knowledge fades away and some bloody journo' spends a day at the FAAM then writes a book on the subject!
  5. Thanks for that pg55555. Very useful to know. I was unaware that the Maritime Museum had an 'industrial' setup down at Woolwich. There again, the last time I was there, was July 1974, when I was being 'couthed up' at the old Greenwich RN College. 'Eagle' is handy too, as I was an Aircrew/SAR Diver in 820 Sqdn, SAR Flight 1967-'68 for the British Aden Withdrawal and I remember her well! Don't suppose you know if the material is available online?
  6. Did you know Jimmy Bauld Sardeeps ?
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  7. Yes Handler. Jamie and I met raising and lowering the pole on Culdrose Main Gate in the summer of 1962. We were then on the same No3 SAR (Free) Diver Course May-July 1963. Jamie was aboard the Vic 'Planeguarding' in 1964-'65 when I was with 845 Sgdn 'Bulwark' in the Far East. We were at Lossie SAR Flight together in 1971-'72.
  8. Thats good, I was with Jimmy and his wife at Hull over the week-end, smashing guy, we had some laughs, he was on fine form!
  9. Thanks Scouse. Not exactly what I was looking for however, it jogged me on other things. The cat bridle and hold-back angles stuff is very interesting. Apparently, after LtCdr Eagles and his Observer from Boscombe Down 'C' Squadron made their unscheduled 'Martin-Baker' 'Letdowns' some wag wrote: Victorious, 1 - Boscombe Down, Nil! Across the shop's main briefing room blackboard! Good shots of Mechanical Handlers too. I think they were run on aviation fuel in later years and that cleaned up the fumes emissions enormously; or am I dreaming? I'd also forgotten about the 'Ready Use' catapult bridles hanged at the sides of the lift wells. 'Eagle' had a couple of spare 4.5" gun barrels stowed vertically in hers too!
  10. Hope Dai-Mrs Bauld was keeping him in order!
  11. She certainly was Sardeeps. I was there too.
    Jamie was on 814 on Victorious 63-64, that's where I first met him.
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    The "Brass Foundry" is quite a sweet building with a small warehouse attached.

    The drawings are not on line, but are in lots of boxes - as I said LOTS of shelving for a whole ship.

    Anyone can visit BUT they have limited resources and only allow one person per day (Mon to Fri). They are however helpful and would assist a genuine researcher. However, they are commercial and getting them to do the work can be expensive.

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