Bad welding

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]
    My daughter could have done a better job!
  2. Is that a cut and shunt job?
  3. You let your daughter play with welding gear? 8O

  4. Surely a joke!
  5. That's why the faces at the window are laughing so heartily. Oh now, wait ... I think that's the "Help, get us out of here" expression.

  6. One of the windows is open...!
  7. Maybe they're about to jump!

  8. That fella in the right window dont half look like my son!

    And I thought he was still at Collingwood !!
  9. what's the "T" stand for? Tonka?
  10. Its the ring pull!

  11. Its the sponsor --Texaco :lol: :lol:

    That fin is a maintainers dream-------all systems accessable just cut or grind another access hole as required!!

    The filled groove up the centre is part of the towing pennant --it sits in the groove and if the boat needs towing in emergency the line is passed from the fin [the sub casing would not be manned at sea] when the towing vessel takes the line the pennant breaks away and feeds its self out .
  12. Oh for goodness sake, if I knew that it was going to cause this much debate I wouldn't have sent it to Airfix in the first place. No wonder they went bust with critics like you twonks. :lol:
  13. I hope they shut that window before they dive or the boat will fill up with water.

  14. Still in better nick than most of our "S" boats. At least this sub seems to be at sea, ours are just the most expensive fenders known to man!
  15. I am no convinced about the towing strop theory on this Kilo.The story I heard from a source was that
    there is an escape chamber in the fin and the fin is designed to split to allow its escape! Anybody got any better ideas?
  16. Cheers Snorko, you just proved my point in some other post I posted that I can't remember at the moment. Nevertheless, 'fender' was the magic word. Welded could have been another. :lol:
  17. Spear fish if the fin is suppose to split then that must also apply to the casing as the safety harness rail is also split. But as the top of the tower is no doubt well above the top of the casing and as we all know the casing is full of pipes, air bottles, spare ropes/wires etc me thinks the towing strop is correct.

  18. I can tell you one thing, that wee "boat" there aint no Kilo as the Kilo is a tiny wee diesel boat and that thing is huge! The Kilo doesnt have an escape pod in the fin, but a little birdie told me that the akula does - maybe something to do with its supposed deep dive depth of 1KM. And there is one thing I know, taking a boat to 1000M would give me a few 5p 50p moments! I would have my hands over the emergency blows the whole time! Christ its fun enough at deep dive depth when you go for a shit and the trap door wont shut!
  19. Here is another picture of the same boat:
  20. Could well be a Kilo Class D/E boat. Still think its a towing strop


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