Bad Taste/Tone Deaf?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bigbaddog, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Her indoors has always said that I have a lousy taste in music.
    Therefore, I bring all my CD's to work, so I can
    listen to some of the old so-called-cr*p. Here's just a few of the
    bands I still listen she correct? Be brutally honest, I can take it.

    Thin Lizzy/10 c.c./Pink Floyd/Joe Satriani/The Doobie Brothers/
    Level 42/Average White Band/Santana/Jeff Waynes 'War of the Worlds'/
    Shakatak/Alvin Lee & Ten Years After/B.B. King/Ted Nugent/Lindisfarne/
    Genesis/Free/Jethro Tull/Hawkwind/Grand Funk Railroad/John Miles/
    Caravan/Bachman Turner Overdrive/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Robert Plant/
    Joe Walsh/The Alan Parsons Project/Steve Miller Band/Golden Earring/
    Juicy Lucy/Argent/Mike Oldfield/Bad Company.
  2. OK, apart from Santana/Jethro Tull/Caravan/ maybe some Level42, yes, you have bad taste in music :D

    Oh, the Floyd is good to.

    Joe Satriani can play, i'll give you that.

    (Is that early Genesis? if so, thats good too)

    Used to like Ted Nugent.....

    Oh fuck it, i'll get me coat
  3. To each their own I suppose. You'd probably find most of the stuff I listen to crap (and I sing like a goose farting in the fog), although I do like Jeff Waynes WoW, I dont mind the remixed album either. I can listen to most of those artists, just not all the time.

    Why not go on youtube and look for your hits if you dont have CDs with you or wifey bins 'em.... :D dont forget theres thousands of streaming radio stations that play pretty much what you're looking for.

    LETS RAWK!!!!

    No...? Ill get me coat....
  4. Ok with Steve Miller Band , Joe Walsh , also like Bruce Springtein , Smokie , [showing my age there] , Alison Krauss [Bluegrass] , Elvis , Donavon , T Rex , & various others from similar sorts of music , :p
  5. Smokie....Living next door to Alice.....ohhh and I forgot to mention Wishbone Ash. :oops:

    And if this geezers a rock musician...I'll eat my own toenail clippings -

  6. That's acceptable, the rest........

    Anyway, at the moment; Dandy Warhols, The Who, White Stripes, My Chemical Romance, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails etc
  7. Who the fuck is Alice? :lol:
  8. Yep...I've got that version :D
  9. Song's that will never leave my house!

    Dock of the Bay.
    Gimme Shelter.
    Maggie May.
    Paint it Black.
    Wooley Bully.
    American Pie.

    Plus anything bye Smokey.

    and Shep Wooley!!
  10. Went to see Level 42 a couple of months ago.

    Looking at the audience, I felt like a young thing!
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I remember a very attractive WRNS PT officer at Dryad who was trapping/had trapped the lead singer from Level 42
  12. BBD,

    I think you wife needs rebriefing. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tull, Hawkwind are all fantastic and you should not buy her any more birthday or Christmas presents until she a) agrees absolutely b) can name every single Hawkwind album and c) play the guitar to Freebird!

    That's what I did but I suppose it could explain the fact that I am now single with a guitar hanging out of my arse and surrounded by broken vinyl! :lol:
  13. If you have'nt already; check out "Hayseed Dixie". They're good for a grin.
    -lot's of reworked oldie's
  14. My good friend Graybags introduced me to the following reggae re works:

    Dub Side of the Moon


    Both by the Easy Star All Stars

    cracking stuff!!
  15. Agreed, they always bring a smile :)
  16. My youth was (and still is)....
    Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Helloween, Anthrax, Testament, Slayer, All the classic '80s and '90s Metal bands.

    Some outstanding bands coming through now as well; Mushroomhead, Godsmack. Hearing loads of good stuff on

    Now, please form an orderly queue and shoot me down.....

    Oh and the young un isnt going to stand a chance.

    Play it LOUD and play it HEAVY!!

    Up the Irons.

  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do you like Metallica? Do you like The Beatles? Then you'll love these:


    Mad as fook!

  18. Apart from Lindisfarne/Hawkwind/Caravan/Golden Earring/Juicy Lucy, I know all the rest 8O Oh No!!!! Pints is off to book some Botox
    Pink Floyd hmmmmm....Gilmour is God!!
  19. Have you ever heard of Blondie Springsteen?
    Catchy :)
  20. Most of my stuff is contemporary classical and a growing collection of electronic music, including a very unusual album by Björk. I like modern Jazz like Wahoo, etc, and, er (my age is showing here) Jimmy Cliff - very catchy tunes, better even that Bob Marley IMO. I am astonished that your wife thinks ill of Jethro Tull though! 8O Is she suffering from dementia? What's the world coming to! 8O

    Have you ever heard the Third Ear Band's record (yes vinyl) Alchemy? Listen to it will the Joss sticks burning (or the Joss fuming, as a second best substitute :D ), eyes closed, and preferably after a dozen tinnies! :D

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