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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gazza82, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Hello all
    I've just read some bad news... As an NA (AH) you have to atleast be 166cm tall and I'm only 164cm tall now I might not be able to join as an NA (AH). =(

    Tho I have read about 2 other jobs I passed for which I think are interesting CIS and SEA I have tried looking around for more info on the forums but couldnt find much.
    my Question is what are the 2 jobs like? what would be the tasks on a normal working day?
    I have read the navy info but unfortunatly they only give brief descriptions.

    Hope someone can help me
    Thanks in advance
    :afro: :thanks: :salut:
  2. well mate you sound too tall to be a Dwarf. [​IMG]
  3. Sounds as though you came up short then. :)
  4. I hear CIS is a shortage category ^~
  5. Buy a pair of platform socks :)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As always, it's cheering to hear the sound, positive & uplifting advice given to our diminutive members on this site.
  7. CIS - Combat Information Systems. Maybe you have OM CSM (boats) / OM C (skimmer twat) branch details in your RN propa... sorry, literature. Same thing, different name tally. CISs do Comms, Signals, a little bit of 'network' type computer stuff, but not too high-tech - network manager type of thing.
    SEA - Is this the re-introduced Seaman Spec? If it is, stay well clear unless you fancy pissing about in small boats, tying bends and hitches (see, still quite nautical) and cleaning / painting stuff. Skimmers only (unless you can hold your breath for 12 weeks at a time...)
  8. Nice replys from all of you regarding NA (AH) :dwarf:
    and also thx to disgruntled-at-rn... Its seaman specialist which I was thinking of.
  9. We make good sailors as well:-


    Dwarves are strong and stout, with long beards (even the females) and hearty appetites. They work deep underground with roaring furnaces and heavy hammers. They take great pride in their craftsmanship and love to show it off by going on the rampage with their axes held high and their beards swinging — the women would never allow themselves to be left at home. Fighting is in their blood.
    Worker bonuses: Strong bonus: Weaponsmith, Armourer Bonus: Engineers Penalty: Weavers, Woodsmen
    Unique bonuses: -20% Ore used for Weapons and Armour +5% Food consumption. -15% combat casualties (strong dwarven Armour and constitutions)
    Elementals *Stone (ground) 5/0/12 Earth (ground) 1/6/20 Water (naval) 4/4/10 Race buildings: Forge Requires: Blacksmith Allows: Axemen Allows: Weaponsmiths +10% Military Training +10% Weaponsmiths +10% Armourers
    Subterrainian Cathedral Requires: Forge, Temple +11% Military Training +20% Miners +15% Quarrymen +10% Weaponsmiths +10% Armourers +8.5% Morale
    Additional building bonuses: Pub: +1% Morale
    Unique units: Axemen (ground) 5/0.5/8 - Forge Hammerheads (ground) 100/35/220 — Magic Stables Submarine (naval) 100/0/150 — Magic Shipyard
  10. From what I have heard, there is quite a long waiting period for NA(AH), so why not be positive and start some stretching exercises? After all what are we talking about? an inch? You could probably make that by standing up straight and breathing in.
    Ex NA(AH)
  11. Its not even an inch.
    Just don't know how accurate the RN are.
    Will phone my AFCO to find out if that will keep me from joining as a NA (AH).
    If not I will see which of the other 2 jobs I picked is good for me and learn more about it.
  12. Roofrat / Gazza - whatever women folk think about the significance of an inch is beyond my comprehension; the RN, though, will shaft you with as little as an inch, but it feels like ten (apparently...). Blag it; stand up straight and look up - ask to be measured early morning, too.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd be interested to know why NA(AH) have to be 166cm tall when everyone else only has to be 151.5cm tall.

    The reason given for 151.5cm is so that the individual can put the top clips on a watertight door (without a ladder, presumably).

    I understand the max height for NA(AH) is allegedly to do with rotor blade dip, but as we no longer operate Gazelles I'm dubious about that and what's to stop you walking into a Lynx tail rotor? OK, apart from pain.

    The only other reason I can think of for "Max Headroom" is when the handlers sit in the "driving seat" (restricted legroom?) to apply & release the brakes of the aircraft in tow.

    Anyone got, dare I say it: "sensible" reasons why Handlers have to be 14.5cm taller than anyone else needs to be?
  14. Why 166cm? So they can fill their "Flaming London" gucci fear naughts of course!!! Seriously though, not being a wedge tech, isn't something to do with they have to be able to lift out an un-concious steely eyed pilot from his ejection seat? Something to with levers and mechanical advantage.
    As for letting them loose in the cockpit of an aircraft Ninja, I've never seen it in my 23yrs as a WAFU. Normally some young AET, usually with a lumpy jumper if its raining......
  15. Apparently its 166cm so you can reach higher things on the aircraft without needing stepladders or boxes because your not allowed to have anythin on/near the runway because of health and saftey issues my careers advisor told me
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn, kinda makes sense but why not just prod the big red button next to the ashtray marked "Eject, do not touch" ?
  17. may have something to do with removing ladders from fire engines .......same height thing in civvy brigade ???
  18. ex LA (AH) :thumright:
  19. I remember now. Canopy release and canopy jettison on the Mighty Shar (Fixed Speed, Variable Noise). They used to be quite high up, when they were in service, so would be a little difficult as a PORG to reach.

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