Back under the gas again


Lantern Swinger
Back to the 'practicing' surgeon again tomorrow.
Going to shove an endescope down my Japs eye to check for tumors in my bladder.
Hopefully 'Bert and Ernie' have not reappeared.
So remember. If your having a shit day at least be thankful no ones shoving a rotorooter up your bell end :)
My mate is under-going the same on a regular basis - bladder cancer. The 'chemo' he is taking (we are in Spain, so probably different) is so evil that it comes in a big red box with a skull and crossbones on it. It can, repeat can, give him and those close to him TB if not used correctly. After each treatment he has to use one loo in the house and then liberally clean it with bleach!

All the very best to you RR.


Lantern Swinger
Ok, back home. Thanks for the good wishes. Just the 1 suspicious looking growth. Biopsy taken results in a week or so. Fingers crossed it's nothing. Sonar, ref the chemo. Same routine over here. They inject the stuff into your bladder then you have to hold it for a specified time. Not a nice procedure.
I feel for your mate. I'm just having surgery so far no chemo.
My thoughts are with you Romany. Keep fighting back and don't let the bastard grind you down, there is hope after cancer, I've just celebrated ten years after removal of a bowel tumour (and most of my lower digestive tract).

Best of luck mate.



Lantern Swinger
Ok back at work again.
All went well, just 1 small area of concern. He cut it out and sent it off for pathology examination.
Not too worried, if there small enough to remove and have not spread then it's no biggie. Back under in 4 months.

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