Back problem.. A bar from entry?

Alright here goes,

I thought I'd start my first post on here with the one issue that will more than likely hault or stop my application into joining the RN.

About three years ago now I went, backside first, over a bench. Rushed to hospital by Ambulance to find that there was nothing 'obviously' wrong with me. Over the next three years back pain came and went. In September 2014 my GP finally referred me to an Orthopaedic consultant that consequently landed me in a MRI machine. A week later I found out I have Spondylosis (Pars Defect L5 Vertebrae). Had a lumbar corset fitted (for it to heal) and was sent on my way with a follow up appointment in 5 months. In November 2013 it got quite bad and with a course of painkillers over three weeks it settled down with my Physio signing me off 'fit'.

Time passed on with me requiring no medication and no changes to my lifestyle. The follow up appointment was useless as all they said that it's healing.. 2 hour waiting time for a 3 minute consultation! Wasn't utterly impressed. None of the less went through the rest of 2014 with no issues what so ever and to this day still nothing is wrong. In the past 3 months I have been completing excessive exercise. 5 days at the gym, including classes (Insanity, Circuits, Spinning etc), Weight training, Swimming, Running, Hikes (11+ Miles with a 50 lbs pack) and training for multiple sports with no back issues what so ever. I have an appointment booked with my GP to ask his opinion however as a lurker on this site, I realise I'm more than likely going to get a better response from everyone here with first hand experience with the service.

Any advice on what to expect or any evidence I should take to prove that it is no longer an issue.




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It's the Doc's call ultimately. A history of chronic back pain is usually a bar to entry if you are any more likely to suffer from it in future by comparison to any other person without a previous history.

The more supporting evidence you have in proving the condition is fully recovered with no long term chance of recurrence, the better your chances of being passed fit to enter. Copies of scans after injury & recovery, together with confirmation of full recovery by a consultant specialist would help. A comprehensive long term training diary & perhaps a report from a physiotherapist would also assist.

Best of luck.
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