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From June this year I will be promoted to senior with my seniority date put back to April 2014 to come in line with my peers on my Senior Command Course (SCC).

I asked the question about getting the money back as well because clearly when all my peers from the SCC have been paid Seniors since last April I feel a bit "seen off" because of the length of the trade course I'm on. Apparently the Navy don't class me as a Senior till my course is finished so don't honour the back pay only the substantive rank date but why should I be financially punished because of my choice of trade. The Army admin office within the camp I'm on haven't heard of this “rule” and would say I can get the back pay as well a the substantive date.

So is the rule a Navel thing and if so is there a DIN I can take to my admin office or is it another thing they hope we don't query so they save money.

The course is non rate specific as its a training line number so promotion to senior for the course would have been better but that's another argument.

Any help with this is appreciated.


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Its been a few years since I came across this so I will issue the appropriate Health Warning and say this is no substitute for genuine RN UPO advice.

The logic behind back pay, or lack of it is that as you have not been carrying out the duties or having the responsibilities of the higher rank, then why should you be paid for it? If you were then there would be a valid counter arguement from your mates who had been promoted as to why there was someone being paid the same as them but not doing their job. May not be palatable but there it is.

However, the back dating of seniority on promotion is to ensure that you do not miss out on increment dates etc, and that you get those benefits at the same time as those who passed SCC with you. So in this respect you are on a level playing field as they are in terms of pay rises etc.

I'm sure this will be of little comfort, but if it is any consolation, it is exactly the same for officers selected under the 'pool' system. This is where you get told you are selected for promotion, but it won't happen until a job in the higher rank becomes open. For some people that is immediately, for others it can be up to 12 months - there is the seniority adjustment but no back pay.

As I said, talk to a Navy UPO for the latest chapter and verse.
I had a huge ream of text and then thought about it and, it's possibly something to do along the lines of Acting Paid/Acting Unpaid/Substitution Pay. Which does make a big difference (Reference Point is BR3 - your army clerks need to look up Royal Navy - Reference - BRs to find it).
What may have happened in their case is that they may have been promoted slightly early anyway in order to backfill in their next role whereas in your case, and making a massive assumption here, there was no such role for you to fill and you moved to a different unit upon completion.

This, in a nutshell, makes a massive difference in any case (This actually does get covered in the JSP 754, but Single Service Regs each have their own spin on it). The Navy always takes the view of SELECT - TRAIN - PROMOTE, at which point you become eligible for your new pay grade or by your CPD if down to your training course and the Army tends to view the point of selection as the date of eligibility (even if you aren't actually doing the job).

Also, be very careful about listening to the Army Clerks, they're only telling you what you want to hear, after being in a system that encourages them to be quite loose in interpreting joint rules in a certain way.

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