back issues

Hi guys

Just on here really to get some ideas thrown back at me.

I have just come off my diver selection with a back issue which i have had in he past and i am starting to wonder if its worth trying again as i i dont want to go back to how i was when i had an operation in 2004.

Current job is a scablifter and just dont know what to do, as i have sort of seen myself off for promotion by going the bubblehead route

BTW anyone who says man up can jog on!
I concur mate. I recently had to leave my job due to health issues which i was told yesterday will probably never get better. Best advice i can give is to follow your heart mate!!!



Not sure how you managed to get into the selection if you have a known back issue to be honest!
Cheers mate

If i follow my heart i geuss if will end up with serious problems again, my head keeps telling me to revert back to MA and take my carer progression there.

Just wanted to get into a more elite role!!

so slightly threaders, but shpuld be able to crack on. But coming from the green world dunno if i can keep doing that job, so wondering about heading to the big outside???

head is sort of in about three different directon at the moment


Mate, if you are seriously thinking about leaving the secure employment of the Armed Forces in the middle of an economic downturn and rocketing unemployment rates then you're mental.

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